Tuesday, June 06, 2006

2 Truths and a Lie

Angella, a blogging friend of mine (met her in Vancouver - she's a fellow stay at home mom who also does CASB part time), posted this on her blog and she tagged anyone who saw it. It's fun so I am going to do it here too.

2 of the 3 statements below are true, one isn't - guess which one isn't....

1) I had no front teeth for about 4 years as a kid because I knocked both of them out in 2 separate incidents.

2)I had to wear braces for years because of the teeth knocking out incidents above.

3) I have never been pulled over by the cops in the 16 years that I have been driving.

Post away - answers to come when people besides Jay, Candace and Angella comment (but you 3 can too - please do I look forward to them - me a geek!).


Angella said...

Since 1 & 2 are related...I'll guess 3?

Because you can't be ALL geek :)

80's 4 ever said...

1) Teeth were knocked out but was it 2 seperate incidents? Seems to me if one incident knocked them out them they are out unless the ones you have are false?
2) you wore braces but for years? Not sure I have seen that many school pictures with braces
3) I know your driving record is not perfect and you have been pulled over while with others. But have you been pulled over when you are behind the wheel?

I think I am not being much help to someone who wants to guess.

Anonymous said...

Since I have inside information I will not devulge!!!

Beth from Calgary said...

I am guessing #2 is false. Why even mention teeth is nothing has ever happened to them - but I would think having them knocked out would make easier for the adult teeth to come in nicely....