Saturday, June 10, 2006


Since I am feeling so rainy, I will finally post the answer to my two truths and a lie post.

1) True. I knocked the first front tooth out the summer I was three. I fell off my bike and my tooth connected with concrete. I loosened it but good and it had to be pullled. Then the summer I was four I knocked the other one out. I was running behind a tricycle, the ones with steps at the back for your feet, and missed. Somehow I connected with the concrete again. Where were my hands????

I remember eating was painful and that the only thing I could eat was cream of wheat through a straw. Good thing I like cream of wheat!

I was toothless until the adult ones came in somewhere around age 7. My dad called me his toothless wonder and the song "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" got sung A LOT.

2) Not true - good guess Beth! I did wear braces but only for about 8 months. I developed a tongue thrust whilst waiting for the adult teeth to grow in. Had to plug the gaping hole up front everytime I swallowed. Consequently when the adult teeth grew in I pushed them out with my tongue. I had a retainer in Grade 1 or 2 that took care of that (hold that geeky fact for #3!) but the damage was done. Hence the braces. It was only cosmetic though because there wasn't anything wrong with my bite, they just looked like Bug's Bunny's teeth. It's funny because I actually had second thoughts as the braces were going on. Not because braces scared me or that I would hate the way I looked but because the teeth had been part of who I was for so long (okay now that I think about it, it was only about 5 years - age 7 or 8 when the adult teeth came in to age 12 when I got the braces - seemed like an eternity to me then!). Never regreted it once they came off though!

3) True - yes Angella, I am ALL GEEK! I have never been stopped while driving to clarify Jay's comment but I have been in the car once when he got stopped. It was years ago - about 11 or 12 me thinks..... I did have a fender bender once with a guy named Dicky. I scratched his Acura, the poor boy! He was a foriegn exchange student driving a car that was very much nicer than the car I was driving (sorry Jay the Reliant rocked but it wasn't pretty) and the car I was driving wasn't even mine. I had little sympathy for his scratch when it cost me $100. The Reliant had scratches on it that could have eaten his little red Acura. Not bitter, not at all.
The part that still gets me is that my safe driving discount on our car insurance is still affected by this scratch all this time later.... I was still in University when it happened and not 4th year either. That is the only tarnish on an otherwise impeccible record that doesn't even include a speeding ticket. THAT gets me hot still. I guess it's time to let go....

Let's NOT talk about how many times it took me to pass my driver test.... it doesn't go with my good driving record at al!

So there you have it. I am very geeky but it's who I am, part of my charm :)


Angella said...

Well, at least you're not a geek AND a redneck (ala me)


Kami said...

Oh I don't know, I like spending time up at the lake by the campfire too... with a nice cabin or RV at my disposal anyway :)

Maybe not a redneck though, that has negative connotations ala southern USA - maybe a SK hick instead?