Monday, May 08, 2006

My Birthday Bumps

Thanks for reminding me of my large birthday bump yesterday Candace ;-)
After Jay's comment, I felt I must clarify for all you people with your minds in the gutter - you know who you are! Or is that just my dear sweet husband? :-)

Anyway, at the Kids' CBC show yesterday I embarrassed myself but good - it's a talent, what can I say?

We had the three kids sitting together with us mom's to the side in the Center of the Arts which has the theatre style fold up chairs.

Picture me, standing up to hand Jack something three chairs down from me, me backing up behind first towards where my chair was then me flat on said behind because I forgot said chair folds up once said behind exits it!

Lucky for me there were many witnesses including Candace, who, the angel, was more concerned about my well being than the humour of it all. Her first reacation was, "Kami, are you okay?" Then Amy returned........

And the laughter began.....

It WAS very funny. Too bad we didn't get it on video, we could win $10,000 with that one on AFV.


Anonymous said...

Whenever I fall I get up as quickly as I can, brush my self off, pretend it never happened and hope that no one saw. By making the bumps comment I didn't mean for you to brodcast your embarrassing moment over the internet ;-0. But it was VERY funny, once I knew you were ok. Thanks for being such a good sport.


Kami said...

I am used to it! I used to figure skate remember.... and I was no Michelle Qwan ;-)

I am always glad to provide a good laugh and love to laugh at myself.

Angella said...

Appears we have even more in common...I've been known to do stuff like that too. Glad you survived :)

Karen MEG said...

Ouch! Glad you could laugh about it though.