Sunday, May 28, 2006

INXS Rocks!

Here's us heading off on a date together. Jack, our budding photographer took the picture and Kamden couldn't understand why he couldn't be in it!

We left the kids with my Mom and Dad and headed into town for a nice supper together before the show.

We decided on the Keg - we love the Keg but only treat ourselves to it every now and then. Steak that melts in your mouth is good thing! So we ordered ourselves some yummy steak and had bread and salad to start. Oh yes, and a bevie. Had to have one of those. I went Keg size just for fun!

We were still feeling overstuffed after the opening act.....
The Keg is better when you can attach yourself to the couch after... Next concert will be a nice light supper beforehand.

Got to the concert early so we were walking around the concourse - Jay was checking out the Oilers game on the TVs and we were trying to work off some of our supper off. Jay mentioned that he wondered if Lucy would be there. The reason he brought it up was the last time I went to an INXS concert was about 14 years ago when I was in Grade 11. Lucy was one of the people I went with. Just as he said it, there she was walking toward us. Maybe he had a premonition!
Either way it was very cool. It was good to see Lucy, it's been awhile and we chatted and caught up on each other's lives.

The opening act was the ex lead singer of Creed who is now out on his own. He was good, did his job and got the crowd going.

Then out came INXS and the place went bolistic. It was a great high energy concert and Jay and I danced our butts off. We were in a good section as most people were on their feet the entire time. There's no sitting during this band! Gotta get up and rock. Unfortunately it looked like the lead singer injured his knee during the last song so their next date might not be as high energy!

We weren't feeling stuffed after the show! It was a great night with my hubby!

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Angella said...

Sounds liek a blast! We love live music. We saw BNL at Christmas and had a hoot :)

Yay for date nights!