Friday, July 30, 2010

Where I've been at

Wow, I left that last post up for 2 whole weeks. Not my best work and potentially my most offensive. Sorry about that folks.

I have been busy summer holidaying along with a cold. It started the day we left. And that was two weeks ago tomorrow. It's made itself at home and seems to have no plans of returning from whence it came (Hell I believe).

When we arrived home, the cold was hitting second gear and I had a work commitment. One that took me outside my home office, face to face with real people. I was a hot mess. But it was good work because it involves hanging out with some really fantastic ladies who have become friends.

Then Jay and I had the pleasure of seeing Bon Jovi again.

Hot Stuff

Oh how I love me some Bon Jovi. Judge not, music is a very personal thing. Their music is something that Jay and I have in common. And our boys love them too. That is a good thing. Excuse the photo, my phone is not high in the pixel area. Real cameras were not allowed in but had they been I could have photographed the sweat beads on his forehead. We had good seats.

Did I mention the cold? Oh yes, I did. Imagine how I feel because I am still in the midst of it as I type this. By this point Jay was enjoying company of the cold that would never end too.

We blame Jack. He started it. He was sick for over two weeks too. So stuffed up and coughing like a two pack a day smoker for so long we actually went to a medi clinic while on our holiday to pump him with antibiotics.

Day 9 of the meds - hives. All over his legs. By the next morning they had made their way all the way up to his cheeks.

Penicillin allergy confirmed.

Shadow of me

And now that Jay and I are enjoying the benefits of this virus from hell, we know that Jack likely didn't need the antibiotics anyway. But finding out he is allergic to penicillin isn't a bad thing. So.

Jay and I will ride it out and hope that by September it will have packed its snotty phlegmy bags and retreated never to be seen again.

Weedly beautiful

Oh and could someone please remind me about June 15, 2011 that summer is NOT less busy than the school year. Please! I keep weaving myself into this fantasy that summer will involve lazy days by the pool or spray park. Someone throw a pail of water on these fantasies already because yesterday was the first time we had time or were well enough to even consider the idea.

And summer is half over.

Excuse me, it's time to ply myself with wine, maybe that will kill this virus and if not, I should certainly feel better for awhile, no?


Elaine A. said...

I'm sorry you have not been feeling well but that dandelion shot is PURE brilliance!! WOWZA girl!

Hope you feel better ASAP! xo

Ashley said...

Aww that stinks that ya'll aren't feeling good! I say a good book, a warm bath and Starbucks Tea should help sooth!

Hope you're better soon

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry that you've been sick. And in summer too ... that's just SO unfair! I hope you are feeling better soon.

YAY for Bon Jovi, and YAY for good seats! That's an awesome pic, even from a phone! I love their music, too. They are coming here in a few months but we didn't try to get tickets ... we're saving for Rob's trip to Fiji with our church (short term mission).

It's a good thing that you know about Jack's penicillin allergy now, and that the reaction wasn't too serious. At least now you can avoid it in the future.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

seems like there is a lot going around this summer... don't the germs know they are supposed to be dormant in the summer months?? hope everyone is feeling more themselves and soon

Jen Wilson said...

Oh, I hope you feel better SOON!

And I am a HUGE Bon Jovi fan! SO JEALOUS!!!

Angella said...

Summer colds are the WORST. BOOOO. Feel better soon!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Good LORD, honey! The sicknesses and allergies SUCK. Hope that stuff is all over for you. Drink up that wine and don't do ANYthing. Summer can be lazy, if you let it.

Cheryl said...

man you guys are roughing it this summer with sickness...get better my dear and enjoy some relaxing sunny days!!!
Sloooooooowwww down.....

Kristin said...

Did you take that dandelion pic? That is a red ribbon fair winner if I ever saw one. Lovely.