Friday, July 16, 2010

Photos and Rants for Phun

It's been a busy week, work wise for me. I am so grateful that my boys are the best of friends and play for hours together. If that were not the case, I would likely be institutionalized by now.

My random ramblings are interspersed with some photos from our lake trip a couple weeks back. Just for phun. Wow, I have been working too much, haven't I?

Wild flowers

The weather was cool and/or rainy all week so at least I didn't feel bad that we were stuck in the house. I was also pretty happy about the work opportunity that kept us housebound. However, it was tiring and I am glad that as of yesterday at 4pm, the worst is over.

Cute Boater

It's not complete, but the hard part is. I hope. Murphy you were covering your ears right?

Fire Safety Marshalls

So here's a story for you. Yesterday I had a return to make at New Army. You know the place, crappy clothes at cheap prices and still not worth buying? Yes, that place. I line up behind a middle age dude and his family. They are clearly from another country originally as they are speaking another language. Spanish maybe, I don't know, I am monolingual. Wife wanders off. Teller calls to help the next person in line. Middle aged dude goes up to the till and comments that he is waiting for his wife.

My mouth is hanging to the floor. The line is 4 deep behind me.

Canadian Shield

Girl rings in what he has they both stand there waiting. By this time I am visibly agitated. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Am I really the only one who sees this as a problem? Sure, if there was no one else in line, whatever, go ahead. However, there were several people waiting.

Here's where I am going to likely offend someone but you know what, it needs to be said. Integrate. When in Rome do as the Romans. Are you with me?

Grams high fives

I don't know what it is like in Mexico or where ever these people may have come from but here, in Canada, we have this thing called common courtesy. Learn it. Use it. Live by it.



Camper from another era

That reminds me of another issue along these lines. Have you ever noticed that those from the eastern part of the biggest continent starting with an A do not get out of the way if you meet them on a sidewalk or in a hallway? They will seriously mow you over before they will ever consider making room.

I suppose over there were there is wall to wall people you would get trampled if you tried to practice good old common courtesy. However, the same applies. When in Rome....or in this case Canada.

We have plenty of space, use it.

Northern SK Forest

Whew. Okay. I'll stop there before I start off about no Christmas and Halloween in schools because it might offend those of different religions/cultures. Wait no, let's go there, I am on a roll, might as well go all the way. I am all for people immigrating. I think it fantastic that Canada is full people all ethnic backgrounds. I am one of those, albeit third or fourth generation. It is what built Canada. However, Canada has been around now for quite awhile and we have a culture all our own. This culture includes Christmas in its Christian sense whether you are Christian or not. As such, why are we changing this to accommodate those who have come from other cultures? Why does their culture/religion take priority?

I do not get it. And like I said, I have nothing against immigrants. At all. It's this stuff that gets me. It all goes back to that adage that I have said twice now.

When in Rome, do as the Romans.

Tiger Lily

Oh boy. I should quite while I am ahead, no?

What's bugging you? Let it out. A good rant is always welcome here. Or what are you doing for the summer that has you plumb excited or stoked?


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, Kami! :-)

As for me, I don't have much to rant about right now. Except that it's winter here, and I HATE WINTER. I shouldn't complain really, because you seem to live in the Canadian equivalent of the Arctic Cirlce, and the coldest it gets where I live is 33F (and that's an overnight LOW; during the day it rarely gets below 45F). But still, I much prefer summer (or spring, or autumn). Counting down the days until the seasons change!

Ed said...

It is a bit irksome when I have to change my way of living to accommodate someone who has decided to move to our fair (and sometimes pretentious) land but wants to cling to their former culture. And language. You live here now -- learn the language!!

Oh and cement contractors! I hate cement contractors.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

too funny.... you can see where your mind goes in these posts. when I taught I did a halloween and I did many of the winter holidays. kids need to be exposed to a variety of cultures including their own

Andrea said...

Oh man, I sure felt your irritation because I am so the same way. I hate those types of situations and I often rant in my head but rarely will actually say anything. Now my own mother, she would and will say anything. She would have told that man to step aside and wait for his wife.

Cheryl said...

how about when a driver does not merge into the traffic but sneaks up as far as "she" can go hoping someone will let her in???? That really irritates me!! HA!

I agree with you and I can feel your irritation through the screen. Good thing you put in some lovely pics...I love that old truck...your colors!!!

Ashley said...

Great rant! As for holidays in school (and I haven't read your other comments so I don't know if I'm the first or 5th to say this)but I want to know why nobody considers the fact that it OFFENDS ME to not be able to say Merry Christmas or celebrate it. Dude, just because you believe in apes or nothingness (because that makes you smart....)doesn't make you any more important than me. So since the majority believe and celebrate such holiday take a day off and let the rest of us enjoy what we do believe....Ah. thanks!

As for people who do not move. I have a firm theory - push them. While I never physically do, I mentally do everytime and it makes me giggle.

Elaine A. said...

Yeah, I mean aren't we expected to adapt to their ways and customs when we visit their countries? Just sayin'...

I actually had a woman tell me I was 'just going to have to wait' the other day at Target. I had like 5 things and she had a cart full and a BAD attitude!!!

On a happy note, Love the photos!! ;)

Jen Wilson said...


It bugs me most in grocery stores. GET OUT OF THE F*#&ING LINE THEN!!!

And the Christmas thing too. I PURPOSELY write Merry CHRISTMAS on things at that time of the year.

Love this post.

Angella said...

I'm on vacation, so I have nothing to rant about, but I loved this. LOVED.

Alicia W. said...

Get vent session! I would be pissed off too. I love the pictures you took and that bus would make an AMAZING backdrop for a photoshoot! LOVE that.

BeachMama said...

Oh I am so with you on the rant, I do it all the time. In my head of course but come on. If went to another country even to visit I would be expected to respect their culture so you are moving to my country respect OUR culture. Gah.