Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pretty in Pink

We have been talking about redoing our bathrooms for years and we finally bit the bullet hiring a contractor to do the work.

Here is the half bath before:

Before 1

Nothing terrible but if you notice on the top right of the vanity, there is a gaping hole. The face plate broke off years ago.

And we had ripped up the flooring (peel and stick squares - never use these, FYI) about two years ago because the toilet leaked.

Before 2

You kind of get used to the ugly backing of the lino that was probably laid in 1984, you know?

But it sure does make me appreciate the loveliness that is now my little slice of girlyville.

I went pink with the theme. It's my bathroom primarily, so the boys in the house didn't get a say (not that they care one way or the other anyway).

It's done!

I picked the paint colour then found the antique looking frames at Winners, then found the cute little bejeweled vase and fake hydrangea another day at Winners all under $10 each.

I love me some Winner's Homesense.

New Vanity

And the storage I have has tripled. I have three drawers which are so much more functional that the under the cabinet thing. Little things like this, put a spring in my step (sad, I know).

Palest of Pinks

And the medicine chest? I found a much more practical use for it since the three types of medicine I keep all fit in the over the toilet cupboard.

Best use of medicine chest

Yes, I enjoy purchasing accessories. Yes, I work at home in Lulu, what's your point?

The main bath is nearing completion too but I am having no luck finding a shower curtain to inspire the decor. The boys, again, couldn't care less about the colour scheme. Life with three boys, it has many perks. For the parents, who might actually care, pictures to come when it all comes together.

If you can't find me, I might be sitting in my little slice of pink, enjoying the view of new baseboards and fresh paint.


Kristin said...

When you said pink I was worried, but that looks awesome! Keep in loving your new bathroom. :)

Cheryl said...

love the antique accessories...can you come do my photo wall please:
I love that you love make up for someone like me who puts on a ring, if that!!!

Ashley said...

Looks great! I love to look at accessories, I totally don't have a clue how to wear them. So I don't.

Angella said...

It looks GREAT! And I, too, have a lot of accessories. Necklaces are my weakness. :)

Mrs. Wilson said...

Looks awesome!!! Where is that bathroom? Is it an ensuite? I thought I remembered the two bathrooms I've been in having a bathtub each ...

han.rob said...

It looks so pretty! You have done a great job, I love the little details and it looks really chic. GREAT idea to use your medicine cabinet for your jewellery - I wish I had room in mine to do the same!

han.rob said...

That last comment was me ... for some reason I can't comment using my Wordpress ID!


Elaine A. said...

Looks great and so glad you get to be the "chooser"! How fun is THAT!? :)

Karen MEG said...

So lovely -and genius on the medicine/ boing cabinet!
We've been planning a major bathroom Reno for over a year now -dragging our heels but it has to be done. Getting tired of staring at my peach shell sinks. Even being practically blind without my glasses on doesn't help while washing up!