Monday, October 19, 2009

The makings of a great weekend

A few weeks ago, I had a really good idea. I needed to do some shopping. You see, last winter, I was akin to a burning inferno so I purged my closet of all long sleeved tops that no longer fit. This year, I am more like an Arctic ice berg and the purging of last year, while necessary, left me with no more than three long sleeved outfits. That and the jeans that I wear on a daily basis were down to two pairs that fit. I needed to shop.

While the shopping here is okay, know the shopping is even better in the city where my good friend, Cheryl, lives; not to mention the company is spectacular. Because you see, what I also needed was some serious girl time. You know, the kind of time with a good girlfriend that lets you hang loose.

So being bright and all, I check flights, confirm with her that the weekend works after checking with Jay and then HUZZAH I booked it.

A trip, on my own, where there was no work required has not occurred since about 1993 (remember New Year's Jenelle?) For me, this was extravagant. I don't do this. My husband also does not go on trips on his own. We are weird like that. I do like a weekend away and my job over the last few years has provided weekend trips frequently enough for my liking. However, I have not had to travel for work since September 2008. Not that I am complaining, trust me. Those weekends are fun but they are also filled with 10 to 12 hour work days. This weekend involved zero, zilch, nada in the way of work and instead provided good conversation, excellent food and some serious shopping.


You can see her take on the weekend here.

All with this gal. It was just what I needed. We chatted, and chatted and chatted some more. You know you have a great friend when you never run out of things to talk about. She also has a knack for making me try on things that I would not normally try on. And then I love them. And then my credit card internally combusts.

I kid.

She also took me for sushi. I have only had it once and it was, putting it mildly, icky. But she raves about it so I had to see for myself. It was delish. I am already craving it again. I am on the hunt for a good local place.

All in all, it was pure fun. I came home yesterday to the smiling faces of my boys feeling great. It was just what I needed.

Cheryl, her husband Tim and son Cole, were gracious hosts and I cannot thank them enough for welcoming me with open arms. I had the best time with the best company.

Let's do it again really soon.

(To see more pictures from Cheryl and Tim's fancy basement where I had the privledge of staying, see my Flikr stream here. )



Mrs. Wilson said...

Glad you had such a great weekend!! I LOVE catching up with old friends. There's nothing like it :)

R Royal Family said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I can't wait to see the new purchases

Kristin said...

Yay for a girls weekend! FUN!

Do we get a fashion show?

I want sushi now, which is strange because I haven't wanted it since I was prego with Corban! Ha!
You could always make your own, it is really easy to do, I have a few tips on making the rice if you are interested.

Kami said...

OOO, that sounds like fun! Glad you had such a fantastic weekend, you deserve it :)

Cheryl said...

You are so funny....the basement is all yours anytime you want to visit...I will add to that gym, maybe next time a trainer will be waiting down there!!!! Ha!
I am bored...I miss chatting.
Hope the course is starting ok....

Alicia W. said...

Spending time with old friends is always "good times". Thats a great picture of you girls. :) Hope your having a great week.

Angella said...

Sounds like a PERFECT weekend! You guys are adorable in that photo :)

Loukia said...

So glad you had such a nice weekend! Weekends like that are totally necessary sometimes, you know? :)

mamatucci said...

sounds like so much fun. I long for a girl weekend

Debbie said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!

Stacie's Madness said...

so glad you girls had a good time.

Elaine A. said...

How fun! So glad you took the time to get together with your friend. Y'all are so beautiful together! : )

BeachMama said...

How wonderful, did you manage to get any shopping done? I have yet to have a weekend away without Hubby and the kids, I kind of feel that Hubby and I deserve a weekend away together first.

nicole said...

I want to know what you bought!

And I'm extremely jealous of the uninterrupted girl time.