Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shameless Plug

*Photo shamelessly "borrowed" from Anna's blog. Hey, it's me! I can borrow it if I'm in it can't I? Yeah so don't go all legal on me, I know that's not true*

That there bag? Anna made it for me. From what you might be wondering? Where did she get that chic tweed?

From furniture upholstery samples that's where. Which means that the bag is not only perfect for replacing any need for plastic shopping bags but also made from reclaimed materials that would otherwise be useless.

And not to rub it in or anything but all I had to do is help her tackle Mount Laundry. 'Cause I am nice like that.

However, since not everyone gets the pleasure of hanging with Anna at her house, she has them available from her Etsy Shop.

They rock! I highly recommend them. Not only are they big enough to fit that new pair of boots in including the box but you can also fit some new jeans and a few new snazzy tops in them too.

Okay so is it obvious I have a shopping addiction that is entirely in conflict with my Mother Earth campaign?

I am in no means adovating a shopping addiction, however, I do advocate the use of reusable shopping bags and the ones available out there are no where as chic as the ones Anna makes.

Let's start a new trend, chic reusable shopping bags! And stop the spread of the The plastic blob .

'Cause this blob is going to take over the world. And this new scare over BPA will also not help but that's another post.



mamatucci said...

Thats a cool bag. Since I dont sew I should be getting myself one.Good for mall shopping cause some of the others look a little too grocery lol

Anonymous said...

What a sexy bag! It's very Kami! I love reusable bags!

Anonymous said...

I saw it on Anna`s site the other day!

She`s a talented woman, that Anna :)

Natalie said...

What a great bag and a great idea! Love it!!! Last year at the end of the summer I found a big insulated tote that zips for like $3 at Walgreens and I keep it in my car for grocery shopping (but it is no where near as cool as that bag!). I have really been trying hard to remember my bag when I go in the store! Every little bit counts...

Kristin said...

Very nice, very nice.

Anonymous said...

VERY cool bag. Anna ROCKS! As do you, especially when it comes to helping with laundry ... is NZ too far to come? I'll make you something too!!
I have half a dozen green eco-bags that I always forget to take from my trunk and into the store. DOH!!

Anna-b-bonkers said...

You are too awesome! Thanks for the plug, you slay me with your sweetness!

You know what is funny? That day I gave you the bag and was all like, "how cool is this eco-friendly bag?!"
However just before that you helped me unpack my groceries from plastic bags!
I was so ashamed!
How could I forget my earth friendly bags....of all the days!!!
(smacking myself upside the head!)

KatBouska said...

Very cute! And shopping addictions are nothing to be ashamed about. :)

Unknown said...

I am SO over plastic bags and I SO hope that everyone realizes pretty soon that we DON'T need them to carry our goods. I am actually always pondering some way to start a campaign outside of grocery stores to tell people NOT to leave the store with them at all.

And, if the re-usable bags are this cute, how could they resist my plea? : )

Unknown said...


Misty said...

That girl DOES IT ALL.