Monday, September 19, 2011


I go in spurts. I am 3 parts lazy, one part get at it and get things done. Most weeks, I work the weekdays as the paying job and that leaves me with just enough energy to exercise and keep the house from imploding (barely and that is with a lot of Jay's help).

But for some reason (maybe it was the lack of a long training run) this weekend, I had mojo and then some.

Saturday afternoon had all three of my boys busy. Jack was gone to a birthday party sleepover (awakeover?) and Jay and Kamden went to the football game.

Jack was pretty funny when he asked all worried like, "But Mom, what are you going to do?"

Not to worry son, an afternoon to myself? Sign me up.

I had me some farm fresh raspberries delivered to me by my Auntie Sharen that were frozen and waiting for some jam making.


Kamden and I love us some raspberry jam and it just plain tastes better when I make it from fresh raspberries myself. I make freezer jam because it's even easier.

Raspberry Jam

The jars look so pretty all lined up in a row. I was even inspired to pick up the camera, wonders never cease. We won't talk about how long it has been, m'kay?


I also had me a box of fresh tomatoes from my parent's garden. It was a small box perfect for a batch of pizza sauce. So I got me to the sink and washed the jars and set them to simmering whilst I prepared the sauce.

Pizza sauce

I don't even peel the tomatoes, it all goes in (see that is the 3 parts lazy again). I don't worry about keeping the skin because these are organic - my parents plant them and water them and that would be it.

I just toss the completed sauce into the food processor and behold smooth sauce with no chunks of unidentified objects for Picky McPickerson #1 and #2.

Saturday end

And this took me all afternoon. I work slow but diligently. And I earned this glass of wine, in my opinion. It went very nicely with the Greek feta chicken and lemon roast potatoes that I whipped up for supper.

There is something so innately satisfying about cooking and canning. It brings out my inner farm girl - some kind of recessive genes for sure!

Look at me, all grown up like and all.


Debbie said...

Mmm...raspberry jam. I wish E would stop eating them long enough for me to make some jam.

Looks yummy! And the pizza sauce! What a great idea! I'm always making spaghetti sauce. Pizza sauce next time for sure!

Angella said...

I canned salsa this weekend! We have even more tomatoes ripening, so I think I might make some pizza or spaghetti sauce too.

I love seeing the little (canned) soldiers all lined up. :)

Elaine A. said...

It all looks delicious. I'm the same way. Sometimes I'm really on it and make a bunch of stuff.

The Texan in me thought that was salsa at first. But pizza sauce is totally good too. ;)

Anonymous said...

YUMMO!! The jam especially looks really delicious. Well done, you domestic goddess! :-)

Ashley said...

We did sooooooo much canning this year! It is worth all the work and cleaning and such - when you hear that seal pop and you eat that first bite!