Thursday, January 11, 2007

Martha Stewart

I am NOT.

Jack decided he wanted hamburgers for supper tonight. So me, attempting to be all domestic and such decided to make some buns for the burgers.

Not unusual you say?

It's -30 celsius without the bonus of windchill. With windchill, it's freeze your balls off cold.

Now do hamburgers grilled on the BBQ sound a bit unusual?

I thought so but we are crazy or else why in the name of Bob would we live in this God forsaken place?

We do, but I digress. Back to the buns. While the boys ate lunch I whipped up a batch of whole wheat dough in the bread machine and made some buns to rise while Jack was at school and Kamden & I headed off to our playdate - aka keep mommy out of the straightjacket date.

They were nice and plump when we arrived home from picking Jack up from school so I popped them in the oven while Jay ventured out to the BBQ. Fear not, it's in our covered deck. It's a balmy -25 in there. And for the firefighters out there, don't worry, we open a door for ventilation.

As we are eating supper a small, very hard off-white chunk falls out of Jack's mouth.

After much debate..... Jay thought it was a peice of Jack's tooth......I thought it was just a peice of dried up dough. When the knife wouldn't cut it I came around.


I am NEVER making buns again.


Angella said...

I'm sure it wasn't because of your buns :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no poor Jack! And I was so impressed you made homemade buns ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lets be glad you are not Martha Stewart. We like to have you home and not have to vist you in jail. Lets not blame the buns we can "Blame it on the rain".

As for the young lad he has got to quit taking after his father.


Anonymous said...

you must have used rocky`s recipe(sp)for bread or buns..she doesn`t use it anymore as it was too much trouble to get the fork lift into the kitchen to lift them out of the

Anonymous said...

I'm never eating your cooking!!
Just kidding.

Check your spelling of "piece."
"I before e except after c."


Kami said...

Thanks Conor, I never was much of a speller :-)

Beside, you knew what I meant!