Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm Back!

I returned late last night from Cowtown. They needed exam reviewers. I wanted to go shopping. It was a match made in heaven.

Only flaw in the plan was the leaving the boys part. But it flew by and I did some serious damage in the mall before heading to the marking center for oh, about 20 hours of hard marking. And now I'm back. There is no place like home!

I also get the opportunity to visit with my friend from way back - oh about grade 9 to be exact. She happens to live there and has so graciously allowed me to bunk with her each time I have gone. I may have worn out my welcome though... it's been twice in 6 months. We had fun but still, after all these years, haven't settled the argument about whose butt is bigger. I know, but she is as stubborn as me so I will never bring her around to my thinking. Let's put it this way. She is at least 4 -5 inches taller and weighs about the same normally. However, she had her tonsils out over Christmas and couldn't eat for 2 weeks. She now weighs less - I still have a few to lose after the Christmas eat fest. I think it's pretty obvious whose hiney is bigger.

Not to mention mine is still numb from being on it for about 11 hours yesterday between marking, supper, waiting at the airport and the plane ride. I am positive it has spread.

And despite the damage I did at the mall, I think I came out ahead financially speaking.


candace said...

It is always nice to get away.

Angella said...

Sounds like a good weekend...especially the shopping :)