Sunday, February 04, 2007


Why working from home rocks....

- wardrobe is much less formal (PJ's are acceptable)
- flex time as you have never seen it before
- no guilt for surfing the net when you should be working (well okay less guilt - just means I have to work longer)
- can drink a rum cooler while working on painful financial statements for fictional company


Normally I drink vodka but today I thought I would mix it up little.

I'm kidding of course... I don't normally drink while working.

I'm only having one, it won't affect my performance.

Does that sound like denial again?!



Angella said...

It will be interesting to see how Module 1 turns out what with all of the wine I've been drinking ;)

Kidding. Or am I?


Anonymous said...

My wife Ladies and gentleman. Doing her best to make sure I keep my job. Kudo's