Saturday, June 23, 2007

In other news...

I am fighting the urge to turn on the A/C....

after 3 days of 30 plus weather with little to no breeze.

However, I have found that I for the most part, I enjoy not having the A/C going. The fresh air... it's nice especially first thing in the morning. No Impact Man talks often on his blog about how simplifying you life is actually more satisfying than it is depriving and I have to agree. Having made the declaration to not turn on the A/C this summer, I have noticed just that.

We have been spending more time outside in the shade enjoying our yard or running through the sprinklers, yes, all 4 of us, it's great fun and boy do the kids love when we do things like that with them. And I get to show off the grace I developed while figure skating as a teen:

Yeah, well.

I guess the grace still hasn't quite got there but I sure know how to have fun! So I'll keep fighting the urge and turn up the sprinklers.

I also like that I don't have to go outside to warm up. Isn't it weird how in the winter we crank the heat up so it's like summer inside and then in the summer, we crank the A/C till we are a freezin' inside?

One of the great mysteries of life me thinks.


MommyKnows said...

looks like fun

candace said...

looks like fun. I can wait to run through your sprinkler. Maybe we could have a grace off. it will be an easy win for you because I can guarantee you I would loose ;-)

Angella said...

We don't even HAVE A/C in our house. We talk about getting it...but have survived so far.

Great photo!

OMSH said...

Bwahahaha ... okay, come to Texas and see how long you keep that a/c off. In the winter we don't dare turn on the heater unless y'know it gets close to freezing. And for us, that isn't often seen.

And the summer - girl, it is 100 degrees. I refuse to sit in a sprinkler all the live long day.