Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I heart


The boys are getting all this for Christmas. I was like a kid in a candy store finding all this stuff. And it was on sale too. Hooray for the big city shopping my job enables!

And this shows the yellow paint that I finally decided on back when I was having one of my PMS days :-) The stickers were Jay's idea and they really finished off the rooms.


R Family of 4 said...

After talking with you yesterday I had a dream about the Disney store. My turns a commin' and I can hardly wait. Disney store here I come ;-)

Hannah said...

CUTE stuff!!!!
My boys are HUGE fans of Toy Story and Cars, as well as Monsters Inc. My sister went to Disneyland last month and got them some sweet stuff!
Your boys are going to LOVE their booty!

Angella said...


My boys would be bursting with excitement over this stuff!!

Your dudes will be happy :)

teeni said...

Hi Kami - sorry I finally answered your question about the walnuts and the apple pie. I totally overlooked it - that's what happens when I'm up too late reading comments and trying to answer them coherently. Today TGH pointed out to me that I totally didn't answer you. D'uh. So I fixed it and just so you don't have to go over to see it - my answer was that you can leave the nuts out of the pie but you shouldn't have to adjust for it with the flour. It should be fine as is, just omit the walnuts. Okay, now - back to my regularly scheduled comment which was that your boys are so fortunate to be getting all that disney stuff for the holidays. And I do love the yellow walls. They are such a cheery color and neither too young nor too grown up. My living room is yellow - a little paler but still a happy room. :) And yes, the stickers really give it a nice final touch!! Love it!

LVGurl said...

I'm already planning what to get the family for Christmas. It feels good working on it early, I'm hoping I can enjoy the season this year. Since having babies, I tend to get distracted, put stuff off, then get stressed due to last-minute preprations.

The fact that I'm thinking ahead more than a few days means that I'm feeling better :) Our trip to Hawaii really helped to clear my head.

kaylee said...