Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday dawns again

And I am home again from yet another work weekend get way. Sometime soon we'll have to actually take a family trip TOGETHER and that doesn't involve me working the entire weekend.

But back to reality 'cause I know Hawaii isn't in our cards this year.

I did manage to squeeze in some shopping while in Calgary and you should see the boots I bought this time - these are going back. I traded my old boots, the ones that are the same as two of my other pairs of shoes with the mom of one of Jack's classmates. She had some sweet trendy boots that were too small for her (my size!) and mine were actually a size too big for me (her size!). And the new/old ones are very much like the ones I had purchased so back those go.

However, never fear, my credit card will not know the difference since I replaced them with some cool casual boots on my latest shopping expedition that will be great with my usual uniform (JEANS!).

I will post pictures but I am too zonked today.

While I was away, Jay played host to my aunt, uncle and cousins from Nova Scotia. Remember Conor? Well this time he brought his whole family. I left Friday, they arrived Saturday. Thankfully they didn’t leave until this morning and I arrived home last night.

The kids are as exhausted as me after playing full tilt for 48 hours.

And I may or may not be one of the worst parents ever. I let Jack stay home from school today so he could play with them longer.

I know.

And I may or may not have told them he wasn’t feeling well.

(wait for it, wait for it.........)

Whew. No lighting. THIS time.

I personally think cousins from Nova Scotia (across the country) is a reasonable excuse to miss a day of Grade 1. Call me crazy.

Tomorrow, back to regularly scheduled programming.


Hannah said...

Yay for more boots!! Keep the others too. You can never have too many pairs of boots. Amen.

I think keeping Jay home is fine! At Ethan's school they actually encourage families to take holidays, not just during the term break. We haven't done that yet, but it's nice to know we're "allowed" to give him a day off here and there without having to say he's sick!

Angella said...

Good call on keeping Jack at home! I would have done the same.

Envious about the shopping. We'll do damage in March, right?


KAYLEE said...


R Family of 4 said...

You are in good company because I have let Hannah stay home from school once or twice when she wasn't really sick.

Will I get to see the boots today?

See ya later

teeni said...

It's definitely a good idea to keep a child home from school for something like a rare cousin's visit. How often do they get to do that after all and really it's only first grade, not like he's going to miss a term paper or anything. :) Sorry you've been burning the candle at both ends lately and hope you get to rest soon, but glad it has been for quality things. Gotta get a pic of the boots up though. I see an angry mob starting to form in your comments section. LOL

The Foulds said...

I would have let him stay home too. It's only one day...

kaylee said...


Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad you let him stay home, we had a blast!