Thursday, July 23, 2009

So I am not at Blogher and the dark void that is my mind

But alas, I am not sure I want to go. I mean I do but the part of me that is still in high school knows that I don't *know* that many bloggers and it could be all kinds of like a popularity contest. I know, I know, all of you that have actually been will dispute this but we are all entitled to our fears right?

BTW if you live in a bubble, Blogher is a big blogging convention that is being held in Chicago this year. For me, it would be all about meeting my blogging buddies, live and in person. This year, I will settle for watching them all meet each other and posting pictures on their blogs. Hear that ladies? I want pictures!!! I mean, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you post a picture or two?

You might be wondering about the pictures that follow. They are unrelated, completely, to the post. Jack insisted we take a picture of him with all the figurines at the mini golf course while we were at the lake. Naturally they had to make it into a post.

I mean what good is it being a Mommy blogger and not milking it for all it's worth?

And for some drama (every post needs some drama right?) do you all have a carbon monoxide detector? Think you don't need one? Think again after you read Leslie’s close call. This makes me glad that the only time ours makes any noise is when the battery dies. And can anyone explain to me why this only ever occurs in the middle of the night? *yells shaking fist* MURPHY!

Here's another revelation from the mind of Kami (it's a rather dark void on the time space continuum). My aunt and cousin from Nova Scotia were just here visiting (Hi Anne and Conor!) and both of them can strum a guitar like no one's biznass. And Anne can sing. This was like the sea parting for me, someone that I am genetically related to (my Dad's sister) can sing. In tune. On key. I will be singing Paul McCartney's "Let It Be" for months. Albeit not on key or in tune, damn genetics.

Anywho, what was my point here (I wasn't lying about the dark void now was I?) is that I was inspired. Anne didn't even pick up a guitar until her late 30's, which incidentally I have just entered (not that I am admitting that or anything). I have always wished I had actually learned to play an instrument and now is the time. I retained 0% of the piano and clarinet (hell-o band geek, although I royally sucked, does that still make me a band geek or just a band wanabe?) of my youth. Jack is going to begin keyboard lessons in the fall. Guess what? So am I. You heard it here first folks (buy ear plugs, NOW), Kami is going to attempt to learn an instrument. Jack is thrilled in case you were wondering and I am not even being sarcastic (wonders will never cease).

But here's the thing, I have been promising myself that I would take a camera course this fall too. Do I have time for both? That would be a large and hairy no. So here's the thing. I love taking pictures but really that is just for me. If I learn an instrument, we can all enjoy this as a family. I picture us singing Christmas carols around the keyboard (no room for a piano in this house!), you know classic cliche's that sound fantastic.

I will do the photography class eventually but in an effort to keep my sanity and also not miss my children's elementary school years, one thing at a time.

As an aside, I really didn't think I had a lot to say in this hear post - what the? why is this cane around my neck and why am I being pulled off the stage? Okay, okay, wrap it up, wrap it up.

I leave you with this. My next post will have me taking Amy’s challenge. It might be time for a change.


nicole said...

Me too. I want to go, but I can be very shy in person. And more insecure than I would like to admit. But I think in the end it would be totally fun. Plus, everyone seems to come back with free stuff.

Enjoy your lessons! I have always wanted to learn an instrument too.

R Royal Family said...

So now I have to take the camera course all by my self. Thanks Kami, Thanks allot lol ;-) I have never been musically inclined so I admire you for forging ahead and taking on that challenge.

Cute pics of the kids, Logan asked if that was Disneyland ;-P

Mrs. Wilson said...

I was a total band geek. I played piano, flute, trumpet, and, after I graduated, saxophone. I cannot play any of them anymore (except the keyboard in church - chords only), but would LOVE to get back into it. Maybe you'll inspire me in that too :)

I want to go and am scared to go to BlogHer for the same reasons. But next year? How 'bouts we go together? And be all socially-phobic and awkward together?

Conor said...

Okay Kami, I'm not THAT good, thanks though!

And, in my opinion, the keyboarding over photography is definitely the way to go.

Alicia W. said...

I say we all team up and go next year but get tanked before we even walk in to ease the shyness. We would totally be the life of the party then.. well, that is before we got kicked out. HA! :)

Loukia said...

Maybe I'll see you/meet you at BlogHer 2010? That would be fun! I'm just not sure I can leave my boys for more than 24 hours!

Debbie said...

I tend to be painfully introverted around people I don't know. Not so good on the networking front. But, BlogHer would be a blast with a group of friends!

I too played piano, and guitar and saxophone (band geek!). I would love to have a piano in our home.

Those are fantastic pics. At first it looked like a bunch of random gnomes with Jack in the middle...then I saw Snow White.

Debo Hobo said...

Will you be posting videos of your music lessons? That would be great.

UhOh I think I live in a bubble, because until you told us what it was I thought you spelled Blogger wrongs. Blogher. OMG! and now I just realized what it means as I am typing this comment...I get it Blog-Her.....LOL:) hello is anyone home....:)

Ashley said...

You can never go wrong learning a song! haha, ok so it's cheesy but it's 1:30am and I'm up with Audrey.

I took lessons for piano for 8 years as well as 7 years of clarinet/flute in the school band. Do yourself the huge favor of taking the lessons and enjoying every (even frustrating) minute of it. The therapy it brings is amazing!

Elaine A. said...

I'm SO glad you chose the keyboard! I played the piano from age 12-18 (after that I didn't have one once I moved college) and it really is wonderful. I think you and the family will enjoy it a lot.

And it's true, it can be a little "high schoolish" at BlogHer but not overly horrible. People just tend to hang with who the know, you know? I've already got one potential Canadian roomie, and you need to be the other one! : )

Kami said...

I played clarinet 4th-8th grade and can.not.remember.a lick of it! I can't even play G's little plastic recorder thing! Sad, sad.
We do have a very musical family, though. I sing, John plays about 20,397 instruments. G LOVES!! music.
So glad Jack (and you too) will be learning the piano! Good luck!!

Natalie said...

i want to take a camera class too. i am going to try to take one in the spring since david is going to be finishing his MBA this fall... ugh.

oh and maybe we could go to blogher next year TOGETHER! we could be roomies... you could bring your keyboard and we could sing off key together! :-)

teeni said...

Aw, it would be so cool if you and natalie could go together! See? Maybe there is a reason you didn't go this year. :) You deserve to treat yourself to some classes but you need to do them when it is right for you and when you are not going to feel stress and guilt for taking them. In the meantime, take one day at a time and enjoy all the small things (especially the cute little male ones that live in your house)! Hugs to you!

Ed said...

Zia starts piano this fall--that will make three in piano. Dear God, how many times do I have to hear Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!!!

The lessons are actually pretty fun--just rmember that when you get frustrated.

Anna-b-bonkers said...

Oh KAmi! You never cease to crack me up!
I suffer the same void sometimes. I too want to take a photography course and learn music, but the time, if only days were twice as long and I was twice as awake.