Saturday, November 07, 2009

Traditions, The Stuff of Memories

Today, I am over at Canada Moms Blog talking about holiday traditions. And in a way, thanking my Mom for all the hard work she has always put into the holidays. It only took me thirty five and half years, better late than never, right Mom?

And yes, I am already dreaming of Nanaimo Bar, in fact I am counting the days until that first delectible bit. It's all about the chocolate for me.

What is the one favourite holiday tradition you and your family have?



3LittleMonkeys said...

One Christmas treat my Granny always made was Vinatarta! I always loved it so I decided to carry on this tradition a couple of years ago. It always reminds of being a child at Christmas time.

Angella said...

Cinnamon buns for breakfast on Christmas Day. Yum!

Anonymous said...

my dad and i usually get together and make almond bark. we love spending the time together to do that. its been hard the last few years since we moved. and this year not sure we will be able to make it.
this year we are starting our own traditions. finally staying home on christmas eve and only travelling on christmas day (weather permitting). finally we get to have the kids open their santa presents AT home!
j :)