Friday, October 01, 2010

Fall Photos for a Friday


Fall is here and nature's canvas is brimming with gorgeousness (that's a word, isn't it?)

Grouchy Boy and Happy Boy

And some people are pretty grumpy about too, apparently.

Sunny Leaves

The leaves are a falling all around us. We are happy it is not the sky falling.


And the colours, oh the colours.


Still grumpy. Bad day?

Me boys

and constipated too. Poor guy.

Happy Autumn weekend to you, unless you live where fall hasn't hit yet, then happy summer weekend. And I am not jealous at all.

Okay, maybe a little bit.


Stacie's Madness said...

things are starting to change here, but not nearly as much as they have up by you.

I can't wait to get my kids out for photos.

Kristin said...

Happy Fall day to you... I wont tell you about how warm it is here and how we spent yesterday afternoon in the pool...

Oh and Gorgeousness is totally a word.

Elaine A. said...

It feels a little like Fall here too. Well, you know our version of it anyway... ;) I love these photos and Kamden's faces crack me up!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

what is this fall thing?? love your pics and yes he looked less than happy to be the subject of your photo session

Cheryl said...

fall is my favorite season.....LOve the colors.
Your kids are so so funny....

Anonymous said...

I love your boys' facial expressions!! You are the mamarazzi, I guess that gets a little old ... my kids can relate!

Lovely Fall photos ... I can't believe how RED those leaves are! We don't get leaves that red down here, but they are so pretty.'

I bet you are just hanging out for those 4-foot snow drifts, right?!

Midwest Mommy said...

I love fall! I can't wait to do the "leaves changing" drive. Yes, I am one of those people, lol

Ashley said...

YAY Fall, ohh how I've longed for you! Beautiful photos!

Jen Wilson said...

Awesome sun flare!!! Love it!

R Royal Family said...

you make fall look not so bad afterall ;-) Love the new look too!

Karen MEG said...

Kami, these shots are amazing, but the commentary is just hilarious.
You kill me girlfriend!

Gorgeous fall photos, though ...after all that's what this post was about right?

Angella said...

I LOVE the fall colors!! Great shots, Kami. :)

It's still in the 20's here... ;)

Andrea said...

Being married to a professional photographer I have picked up a few is that using Lightroom can really help tweak some amazing photos.

Andrea said...

oops pressed publish too soon!

I love pictures of Fall like the ones with the leaves crunching and all the vibrant colours. So nice! Can't wait to see some more.