Friday, October 22, 2010

Photo Food Journal

Back in early 2009, I documented my journey to fit. This journey has not ended and I have not stopped seeing the positive results. I began my journey by doing cardio 4-5 times a week. In 2008, after a year of cardio alone, I was determined that I needed to kick it up a notch. Or three.

Cue working with a personal trainer. Worth every single penny. Then I took up running and ran a half marathon and then kept running regularly (much shorter distances though, whew) along with regular weight training.

This brings us to today. I am down to the weight I was when Jay and I first got married, I have much more energy (most days) and I just feel all around better. We won't discuss my shopping addiction. It's the only downside so far to getting fitter and healthier. I want to buy fun, trendy clothes now because when I try them on, my reaction is not what the %&$&$^ is that?

However, this last week and half, I have been lethargic and down right grumpy. It's not my hormones this time. Those are under control thanks to a lovely prescription to Seasonale .

What it is, and I know it, is my eating habits have been sliding backwards. Over this journey to fit, I have made several changes to my eating habits, slowly and surely. Lately, what with Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and turkey, I have been falling back into the trough. Literally.

So today, I am getting out of the trough and back into clean eating (Kami's edition) and because I am desperate for blog material, you are the lucky winners of a photo food journal. Hold your applause until the end, please.

Oatmeal and OJ

For breakfast, calcium added orange juice, 9 grain oatmeal with a few raisins topped with almond milk. Did I mention that I am lactose intolerant? I have, for the most part, given up all dairy. And I don't actually miss it that much because when there is a dessert or dish that has dairy, all I need is a little help from my friend, Lactaid.

Morning coffee

Breakfast is followed by my morning coffee, Organo Gold Coffee to be specific. Whatever that ganoderma extract does, it works. I living proof. Regular coffee makes my menopause symptoms go bananas (and not in a good way) but this stuff doesn't. Colour me happy, coffee coloured to be specific. I split the pack into two and have two cups a day.

Mmm, snack #1

Another important change I made to my eating habits is eating less but eating more often. It works, people, it really works. Energy levels stay much more constant and you stay happier. It is win win. My snack range from fruit and nut mix, to Sweet and Salty Peanut granola bars (YUM) to this one, soy yogurt, half a banana and 1/3 cup of Choo-it oatmeal mix.

Lunch is often leftovers.

Leftovers for Lunch

Today it was turkey meatloaf with sun dried tomatoes, steamed broccoli and cauliflower and snap peas.

There will be another snack before supper, since today, the boys have swimming right after school and then Kamden has a soccer game. I am also sipping my second cup of coffee as I type this.

Supper will be a packed picnic to eat in between. Somehow.

Today, for Jay and I, supper will be salads accompanied by last night's BBQ'd steak. Top it off with the oil and vinegar dressing my mom has been making since I can remember (I can make it now. All by myself. I am so growed up), it will be good. I hope.

Supper To Go

And later, because every day still requires some form of sweetness, I will have a square of dark chocolate (70% cocoa butter). Mmm. And probably another snack once the kids go to bed.

So there you have it. I am pledging to get back on track with this here gem (Ha!) of a post.

Because it is all worth it.


Any ideas on how I can eat even better? Or did I inspire you to make a few changes? Or did I bore you to tears? I am going for a record!


Jen Wilson said...

You're too funny. I actually love reading food journals because it gives me ideas - especially when the journaler is a healthy eater, like you! I have no idea what you can do to make it healthier, but I'm definitely following the eating less but more often routine. I have to, as I can't eat a whole lot and if I don't eat often, I get sick. So. Um. GOOD JOB!

Cheryl said...

that food looks yummy!
You look fab and are a role model for health and fitness !! Splurge when you's all about balance!

Angella said...

Um, you in that photo? RAWR.

You know that we think the same on food/fitness issues, but want to give you a big round of applause. It takes commitment, but it's worth it. :)

Ashley said...

Great job! Looks delish! And I may pass the coffee idear onto my ever struggling against menopause mother.

You're doing wonderful and your kids are seeing such a great example of healthy living in you.

PS. I echo Angella - awesome in that photo!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

food is the one area I really need to focus on again. when I worked with a trainer, pre-marriage, I had to keep a daily food journal... really makes you think before putting it in your mouth. I say you go girl... you look fantastic (o:

Midwest Mommy said...

Getting my cholesterol checked scared me healthy. I can tell now when I do cheat and eat something bad. I feel so bad afterwards that it isn't even worth it. Awesome job though on reaching your goal!

nicole said...

You look beautiful--positively glowing with health! I really need to adopt some healthier eating habits. Getting fully committed to regular exercise (again) will help, I know. One small step at a time I guess.

Elaine A. said...

I may have to try almond milk. Although I'm not lactose intolerant. Does it have a lot of sugar?

I think you're eating really well already.

And you mah dear, are SMOKIN' hot!!