Sunday, November 06, 2011

Fall Hobby

This fall, I have had the privilege of taking some snaps of some of my friends and their families. It's been fun.

It's also been humbling.

I have learned a lot. Like that the sun goes behind your subjects so they can open their eyes wider than little slits.

Yeah that.

Paul Family

I love this photo because the family is gorgeous. I don't love that I put them in the wrong spot. If I could rotate us all about 180 degrees, it would have been so much better.

The next one involved belly laughs. Not at me thankfully. At least not when I could hear. They were nice like that.


I love this one. I think it captures a mother's love for her child. And this boy, he is freaking adorable. And worships the ground Kamden walks on.

I brought Jay and boys along to this shoot because this little guy is 18 months old. How many 18 month olds do you know that stay still longer than 5.3 milliseconds never mind look at a camera?

He did fabulously and we got some great family shots too.


And this one, which is a favourite. I mean, could he be any cuter?


Didn't think so.

All Kamden had to do was jump up and down and we got those toddler belly laughs that would even make the Grinch smile.

So fun.

Cute x 4

Then there are these four beautiful kids. Their mom offered them up for me to practice on. And I owe them. It was ridiculously cold that day. And windy. They were troopers.

Gorgeous Kids

And the oldest beauty is 10. That's right 10. Almost 11 but still. When did she turn into this stunning beauty? Her dad is currently polishing up his shotgun, I am sure.


And this little man, some of you will recognize. Yes, that is who you think it is. He is also a chubby baby boy. I got me my baby fix this weekend. Chubby baby boy thighs bring back so many memories. I snugged him just like I used to snug my boys.

My boys, meanwhile, mocked my baby talk.

Whatever, this little man thought I was funny.

Adorable times 2

Kamden was again enamoured. He likes babies. He was mildly disappointed he could not elicit belly laughs from this little boy. His ego was a bit bruised but I think he'll survive.

Beautiful Smile

And this lady, you may recognize as belonging to the above mentioned chubby adorable baby boy. I made her smile. Forced her to.

I think it was worth the idle threats, no?

That was my fall practicing and now that winter has arrived overnight (1 foot of snow, as we slept, completely oblivious), I will likely not have anymore opportunities to practice until next year. I was fun. Thank you to you all for allowing me the privilege.


Angella said...

LOVE that photo of Jen! And the rest of them too. Great job, lady!

Mrs. Wilson said...

Love them! You're turning into a pro! I'm sure that, had Preston actually agreed to a nap, Kamden would have gotten more laughs out of him. Maybe next time. :)

Ashley said...

I love, love that photo of Jen! So pretty! Your photos look great Kami

nicole said...

Great photos! I could just eat those baby cheeks. And since I have a daughter that just turned 10 last month I am going to refuse to acknowledge that that stunning young girl is close to the same age as my baby. Because I am not ready for that.

Stacie's Madness said...

:D I'm really thinking about doing the Brenke workshop....

Elaine A. said...

LOVE that shot of the 4 kids laying down and the one of mom and her little guy that you like so much too.

These are great Kami!

p.s. over here catching up on your blog... ;)