Monday, November 28, 2011

This Post Has No Point. Nada.

Last night I was hopping mad. Opinions,I got 'em. However, in this case, I will keep to myself. See I was offended already. If I speak my mind further, I will likely in turn for once, I'll keep my trap shut and go about my business.

This post is completely random and essentially has no point. But I went to a card making party and had loads of fun laughing at myself. And the friend I went with. See the two of us, we were card making virgins. And um. Yeah. We might have been annoying to the professional card makers there. But we were not overly concerned about that since we were too busy mocking ourselves.

But the cards? I have hung them up on my kitchen bulletin board because damn if I am going to give them away. You know what people do with cards don't you. The best is recycle them. The worst is...I can't even say it out loud.


I take no credit for the beauty, that was all Jackie, who hosted the party. I merely played copy cat. With detailed instructions and demos on how to do every single thing. It was required, I assure you.


Aren't they pretty?


No really, they are aren't they?


Okay that was the last one I will post.

Then there is this. See Kamden has some serious bed head yesterday morning so I asked if I could take a picture.

I did and then I uploaded it.

Bed head/mug shot

And laughed out loud. What is this, a mug shot? Oh my heavens that kid cracks me up!

The Dudes

And then there was baking. 7 of 10 items on the list done! Over the weekend. And we decorated our gingerbread house.

Kamden's side

This is Kamden's side.

Jack's side

And Jack's.

And today the snowmen came out of hibernation and exploded all over the house. And it is before Dec 1st. I have a strict no Christmas before Dec 1st rule. There is a very good reason for the rule. This being so I don't start twitching from the clutter around Dec 21st and take the lot of it down before Christmas even arrives.

Around Dec 21st, be handy with a straight jacket to control me, would ya?

And now, I am going to bed. Christmas in November is exhausting.


Angella said...

(I think I know why you were mad.)

I LOVE the cards! And the gingerbread houses! Can you come build ours? No?

Anonymous said...

Cute cards! I had to laugh at your comments ... although I am a scrapbooker, I rarely make cards because I know most people THROW THEM AWAY, and I could not bear that. So I make layouts, and keep 'em all!! You keep those cards, don't give them to anybody! :-)

Love the gingerbread house. We still haven't attempted that (it's not really a big tradition here, but you can buy the kits). I do want to give it a try one year, though.

Anonymous said...

And I also think I know why you were mad. You had a good reason.


Kristin said...

Your cards looks awesome!

nicole said...

Those are very pretty cards. I don't blame you one bit for keeping them.

I am in awe of your gingerbread house. It is fabulous! I would never have the patience to do that good of a job. Way to go boys (and parents)!

We always put our decorations up Thanksgiving weekend. I like it, but I am so over them by New Year's Day. We keep them up until Epiphany though. I am definitely twitchy by then.

Mrs. Wilson said...

Feel free to vent to me why you were mad! Unless it was at me, then, well, I'm sorry. ;)

Those cards are amazing. I always keep Christmas cards! I have a really hard time throwing anything away that has been given to me, even cards. :)

That photo of Kamden is awesome! And I really need to purchase a Gingerbread house kit!

Stacie's Madness said...

love the bedhead picture...and those cards are AMAZING.

Elaine A. said...

Your cards AND the gingerbread houses are all awesome! I'm impressed. And all before December - WOW!

(and man, am I behind or WHAT?!?!) Geez...

Love ya! :D