Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June So Far

June, it's here and almost half over already. We've been busy. Kamden is playing both soccer and flag football. Here he is lining on the defensive line.  I don't actually know what I am talking about but I fooled you there, didn't I?


The day I brought my camera he got a tackle (ie ripped a flag off the ball carrier) in the first few minutes of the game.  He was also about 5 feet from me and my zoom lens.  When you look at the picture below, envision his arm extending above the top of the photo holding the yellow flag.  Then look at his face.  He was proud.

He also went to a birthday party and got his face painted.  Adorable, no?

Then we had a birthday.  Jack's 11th to be exact
Card from G&P

This card had Phineus telling us what I breath smelled like.
Card from G&P

I love the look on Kamden's face!
I knew he'd like it

I found this book while browsing in the books with Jack. Kamden and I managed a covert operation to get it to Dad at the till without Jack's knowledge.  Mom's got some stealth.
too many girlfriends
Jack, being my son in every way, only wanted to invite three friends to his party plus his little bro. They battled with Nerf guns for three hours in between pizza and cake. Good choice Jack, good choice. Next up, Kamden's birthday.


Ashley said...

June feels like it's on fast forward around here. Happy Birthday Jack!

Angella said...

Happy Birthday, Jack!

And congrats, Kamden! :)

Elaine A. said...

I cannot believe it's already the middle of the month or year!!

Happy Birthday to Jack!

Hannah Blair said...

Happy Birthday to Jack! Wow, 11! I can't believe how fast this year is going ...

Mrs. Wilson said...

Is that a PATRIOTS JERSEY I see on Kamden?!?!

Vicky said...

Happy birthday! Jack!

AuntyTeeni said...

This month is flying by! You've already had quite a busy month! But it looks like it was filled with good things. Jack is smart to have only a small party with the people that mean the most to him. Makes no sense to have a load of people that you can't spend quality time with all of them anyway. Besides, more cake for everyone!!!! LOL! Hi Kami - hope the rest of the month is just as wonderful!