Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Roundup In Photos

Can anyone explain where May went? I think I blinked and now it's May 28th. What? We started out the month celebrating.


I am now 38 years young. And two years closer to a big trip planned for the year I turn the big 4-0. It will be somewhere hot, sunny and involve beaches (Caribbean) and umbrella drinks. February or March 2014. Who's in?

Jay and I also celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. Jay is not much for material things so instead of buying him clothes like I usually do, I made his favourite meal, meatloaf. I am not even kidding. He loves the meatloaf at Montana's and it's so good even I like it. So I did a quick search and found a recipe for Braised Mushroom Meatloaf and I coupled it with this meatloaf recipe, minus the carrot - too lazy to shred it.

And oh my word, you guys, it was amazing. And it was meatloaf. I swear.

Jay's Anniversary Meatloaf

And I don't even like mushrooms. Cooked button mushrooms make me want to hurl. So I used fancy mushrooms.  Not the ones the recipe called for but something kind whose name totally escapes me now.   They were good though.

I talk about food a lot, don't I?  I kind of like it.

Then there was Mother's day weekend.  I ran a 10k race that weekend and was slower than I liked and much slower than last year but I didn't almost lose my lunch at the finish line.  It was a very warm day and sunshine is my cryptonite so I finished in 1:01:45.  Not my best time but it was a good run and I never walked once.  And my lightening fast friend, Terry-Lyn walked back after she finished to run me in.  I gots me some awesome friends. 

And no pictures because our hubby's were both at flag football with our 7 yo sons.

We opted to see our mom's for Mother's day the next weekend.  In between Kamden's football game and practice.  Did I also mention he is playing soccer?  Dude is all about the sports.  Also, we have two calendars to try and keep track of everything.

After brunch with my mom and brother's family (Pop was out at the farm seeding), we took some snaps.
Grams and her "kids"

Oh Kamden, seriously, you of the funny poses.

Mom and Us

Me, my mom and my big bro - he is older anyway, taller, well, we's short in this famdamily.

Mom and Me

And here it is, the elusive shot of me and my mom. I am not sure if there are any others to be had out there.  (my hair is rather red, and clashes horribly with train car behind us but ah well)


I got my mom some flowers, because she loves them and I love Blossoms.  They did my wedding flowers and quite honestly, I have never seen another wedding bouquet that I loved as much as mine.

And that brings us to this past weekend. I took a quick solo trip back up to Saskatoon to run in the 10 k SK Marathon race with Jen

I picked up my race pack and was really excited to see that our numbers had our names on them.  Just like the big league races!  It's the little things that make me happy.

Jen ran such an amazing race.  She paced herself perfectly because someone, not mentioning any names, KAMI, didn't properly set her Garmin to display our pace.

Her goal time was around 1:10 and we finished strong in a time of 1:09:45.

She sprinted into the finish and as I ran with her, I was so proud of her that I got a bit teary.

Congratulations Jen, you did it!  I knew you could, never a doubt in my mind. I enjoyed it and can't wait to do it with you again next year.
SK Marathon 10k with Jen

Here we are post race, avoiding the pizza that was provided to racers once they finished.  Pizza?  At 9am?  No thank you.  (if you know me, pizza at anytime is a big no no, unless you like your eyes watering a half hour later)

And that is May.  Bring it June!  We have two birthdays and a whole lot of soccer and flag football to keep us occupied.


Angella said...

Aw, this whole post made ME teary.

(And I'm totally in for 2014.)

Hannah Blair said...

What a great post! You've had a busy but exciting month. Nice to see a photo of you and your mom, and your brother. Good looking family. And I love your red hair! And congrats on your 2 races ... I'm ashamed to say that running hasn't been a priority for me since I did my 5K in APRIL :-(
Hey, let me know your destination for your 40th and I'll see if I can magically whip up the dollars to join you - how awesome would that be?!

Ashley said...

What a busy month! So proud of you guys on the race, we all knew you'd do great!

Elaine A. said...

2 races in one month, go you!! And you are looking so good.

Love the photo of you and your Mom and yes, those flowers are GORGE! ;)

AuntyTeeni said...

May really did fly by! It was a busy month. I love your red hair too - you look great! Hope your June is going to be fabulous! )

Mrs. Wilson said...

Wow, that's a full month!! I'm so glad we got to run together. Highlight of my May!!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...