Monday, July 09, 2012

June, the Rest of the Story and Well July too

Another month gone, another birthday celebrated.  Kamden turned 8 and we celebrated in between his end of the season flag football and soccer tournaments.  He slept really good that weekend as you can imagine.
He's 8!

We almost had a tornado too.  Nothing touched down but we had these really neat clouds (Mammatus clouds) which only appear after a tornado type storm.


Pretty neat and much less frightening than the cloud I was driving towards that looked like it was forming a very large funnel.  It didn't, thank goodnesss.
Prepping for the practical. Gulp!

I also prepared for and passed the practical portion of my personal training certification.  It's all done, I am certified and on ward ho.  It was stressful but so worth it.  I am looking forward to this new addition to my life.
Story time in mom and dad's bed

I also bit the bullet and traded in my Blackberry for an iPhone.  I was skeptical but I am a full convert.  I just couldn't believe how much better it could be but it really is.  Email and internet are 100 times better and makes my work use of the phone so much easier.

And the camera kicks my Blackberry camera's butt to Portugal.

I got all dudded up to go out and celebrate my birthday with a good friend.  Also a busy friend.  It took us two months to find a day that worked for both of us.  Life is full and busy and good.

And we laughed till we cried.  Twice.

There ain't nothing better.

It is exhausting having this much fun

And that brings us to July.  The weather has been unbelievable and on the weekend we hit the beach to enjoy it.  We ran into Jack's good buddy from school and the boys got a tube ride out of the deal.  Living less than an  hour from about a dozen beaches is something for sure.

The view makes up for the pain

It's been a great summer so far, here's to the rest of summer.


AuntyTeeni said...

Ouch! I'm from Portugal so watch where you kick those Blackberrys! LOL! Kamden's cake looks yummy! So glad that you are all having a good summer! Gotta love it, they are too short to waste! Yay for catching up with a good friend too. You look fabulous and those laughs to tears moments are precious. Have you gotten any clients to kick into shape yet? I know they will get their money's worth and be healthier for it. Those clouds are scary but cool. Hope the rest of the summeris awesome, my friend. <3

Ashley said...

I think that falls under - It's about time! iPhones have revolutionized my world...and sadly that's not being dramatic.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Kamden - love the photo of him blowing out the candles! Those clouds look amazing, but I guess a scary sight if they are often accompanied by a tornado (glad you didn't get one of them).
Yay for passing your PT exam, and you look amazing in that dress!!
Hope you're enjoying summer and sunshine. I'm a little jealous ;-)

Angella said...

Hooray for summer! And for life being busy and good. :)

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