Friday, July 20, 2012

San Diego - the Colossal Photo Post

We just got home from 6 days in San Diego, California. What follows is a whole lotta photos from the trip. Believe it or not, there are more on Flickr. You have to be a Flickr friend to see them so if you are not, just let me know.

Up Up Up where the clouds disappear

Somewhere between Regina and Denver we had a beautiful view up above the clouds.

We arrived late Thursday night so in the morning we scouted out a place for breakfast and found some cool photo ops around the resort.  We stayed at The Lawrence Welk Resort in a beautiful condo (bigger and nicer than our house, I never wanted to leave).

Loving Brothers
There are these rocky hills on all sides.  They make for stunning views and backdrops for photos of brothers who like to annoy the snot out of each other.  As you can see, Kamden is not amused.

A note fountain.  Ha.  Neat and good for tourists to take photos of.

Legoland was a hit!

Day 1 we took in Lego Land and true to form, these guys did not go on one single ride.  They do not take after me.


They did enjoy the Star Wars exhibit however.

Really big Millenium Falcon

Over 10,000 pieces went into this Millennium Falcon.   It was about 3 feet long.  That's a lot of Lego.  And also, how do I get a job playing with Lego?

Captain Rex

Captain Rex is a favourite of these two. They are Star Wars fans but they really love Star Wars The Clone Wars best.  What the difference?  I haven't a clue but they sure seem to know.

Lombard St in Lego

There was a mini San Fransisco and I enjoyed Lombard St without having to actually walk it.  Boot camp on the hill anyone?

Lovin' the 3D nerd glasses
We got a kick out of the nerd glasses.  Or 3D glasses whatever.  Also note Kamden.  Always with the poses, that one.  You will see a theme.

The King for Granddaddy

For Granddaddy.  He's even doing the hand thingy.

Resort Spray park

Day 2 we hung out at the resort because um, they had this, beside a beautiful pool surrounded by hills and it was a beautiful day.  Oh yes.  It was lovely.  The boys loved the spray apparatus above.  It had 6 pails up in the air that would fill with water and randomly dump it over their heads. Personally, that sounds like hell but what do I know?
9 am. Vacation all I ever wanted

9am.  We had the place to ourselves so I relaxed on a lounge chair whilst they frolicked in the pool.  (I may be channeling my inner British side)

Yesterday.  All day.  Dudes are tired.

They only got out to eat.  And when their eyes were bloodshot.  Even the salt water pools irritate the eyes.  And it dries the tar out of our skin. We have to shower and slather on the  moisturizer. Is it just us?  I thought these salt water pools were supposed to be so much better.

Later that night, we took a drive to the coast to see the ocean.  It was not swimming weather, rather what I would call chilly.  I see why people wear wet suits to surf in California.  We kept chuckling that it was hotter back home in Canada than in California. 

Handsome dude

I love how sometimes pictures do not tell the real story.  We probably only spent 15 min at the beach and I have the most pictures from there.  It's was cold so we went off in search of ice cream and for me?  Fish tacos.  Oh yes.  I am currently obsessed with fish tacos and where better to get them than a California beach town.  They were good and I even shared them with Jay.


Apparently waves are exciting.  If that doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what will.

Loving the view

It wasn't much of a beach, more of a jetty.  High tide I think?

bye condo, we loved you

Can you guess who was less than thrilled about posing for a family photo?  So using this one on his wedding day.

Day 3 we had to bid our glorious condo goodbye.  The conference I was attending was downtown, more than an hour's drive away so we moved to that hotel.  It cost the same and we had one room, two queen beds vs. two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and kitchen.  I guess you pay for location?

self explanatory

The zoo happened to be on the way so we spent the day touring around and saw about 1/3 of it.  It's huge!
Giraffes are cool

Our favourites were the elephants and the giraffes. So neat to see them up close and personal like that.
Bull.  Big.  Awesome.

Huge Cactus

I was in awe of the plants or in this case the cactus.  That is the size of a tree.  Honest to goodness a first for me.  The ones that grow on my parents land are the size of a small ball.  I love experiencing the differences in landscape when we travel.  California is really beautiful in so many ways.


These were in the lot as we waked to the car at the zoo.  The flowers look like daisies but the plant is not like the daisies we have.  So pretty regardless.
I am loving all the amazing foliage. So different from the Canadian prairies SoCal is gorgeous.

This was on a tree and the bloom is the size of my hand.  So neat.

Our Hotel - Hilton San Diego Bayfront

A view of our hotel downtown.  It was located adjacent to the San Diego Convention Center which was hosting Comicon.  We saw some, um, interesting people that night.


And about 5 Batmobiles.  There was one for each Batman movie ever made.  I think they were the real thing, but really who cares, so  neat to see.  I couldn't care less about Batman movies but even I thought this was cool.
Comicon - Is that the Penguin?

I swear that guy is the Penguin.  Jay didn't think so but now that I see the picture, I think it even more.
Typical California

Snapped this one on my phone while lounging in my hoodie by the pool.  Too cold to swim for me!  The breeze off the water was chilly.
A day at the zoo and they are back I'm the pool.
The boys however, had no trouble swimming at any time.

My view during coffee break at the conference.

Bridge between our hotel and Petco Park

This is already Day 6.  I was in the conference on Day 4 and 5 and apparently I am the only one who takes pictures.  The boys hit SeaWorld, the Science Center and the Museum of Space and Aviation without me.

The last night we headed over to Petco Park to watch some MLB - the boys first game ever. 

Padres vs. Astros. Boys first MLB game!!

The Padres won and it was a pretty exciting game.  We all enjoyed it.

Padres vs. Astros

It was our first time in California and we enjoyed it.  I have to say that travelling is so much fun with these three.


Mama in the City said...

I love California! We were in San Diego about a year and a bit ago and we had a great time touring around. I love all the photos of your family on vacation. It is so neat to see what other families get up to when on holidays.

Angella said...

What a fun trip! I loved San Diego when I went there last year, and want to bring the family to hit all of the attractions.

You guys look like you had a blast. :)

Ashley said...

What an awesome looking vacation!! Corey is going to flip when he sees the photos of Legoland! It's his dream to one day be surrounded by Lego. I married him because he's hot.

Elaine A. said...

I love that city. The zoo is crazy amazing, right?! I told Tim I wanted to move there the first time we were there. Glad you got to experience it and great pics! :)

AuntyTeeni said...

Awesome trip! I can't believe your boys did not go on rides though. Maybe there was just too much to see! Your photos are great and I loved seeing everyone have such a good time!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! What a great trip! I definitely want to go to Legoland, it looks amazing! But I REALLY want to jump on that ride the boys are standing in front of - WOOHOO!!!!
Pools are amazing entertainment for kids, aren't they? And those buckets that dump water are such a fun thing for kids.
That zoo looks incredible. I'm totally adding all these places to my bucket list - fabulous!!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I would love to go back to San Diego with the kids. And FISH TACOS! YUM YUM YUM. I hear ya...