Thursday, November 22, 2007

TAG - You're it

I was tagged by the uber talented Anna. She is an amazing artist, check her work here. I have my eye on these!

Now on to the meme. I must list 7 weird facts about myself. I did 7 random facts about myself here if you are interested.

Okay… on with the weird:

1. I have very wrinkly hands. They don’t look much different from a grandmother’s hands and they have always been this way. If I had a nickel every time someone said, “What’s wrong with your hands?!” I’d be rich. But they are the way they are.

2. I hate long nails. Not on other people but on me, they. Drive. Me crazy. What with the click clicky clicking on the keyboard. And how do they get so dirty underneath? I must be some kind of slob. Dirt, and guck and other lovely things reside under my nails when they are long. Hence, they get trimmed and often.

3. My eyesight is not that bad. But, you may have noticed that I wear my glasses all the time. My prescription is only -1.0 in my worst eye. But I do have astigmatism which makes my vision very peculiar without glasses. I could go without them but I can’t stand not to have perfect vision. I makes me crazy. I have contemplated laser surgery but I am afraid. What if my vision isn’t as perfect as it is now with my glasses?

4. I am practically tongue tied. Not that I can’t talk properly… well okay maybe that too but that’s another item altogether. My tongue is attached to the bottom of my mouth very close to the tip of my tongue which means that I cannot stick my tongue out very far. Who cares you might ask? Well I never did either until Jack was born. He inherited this same trait which resulted in lovely purple bruises on you know where during those first few weeks of learning to feed. Oh yeah, THAT was fun.

5. I am so afraid of public speaking that I do everything I can to avoid it. I am sure I’ve mentioned this before but it’s one of the characteristics that totally makes me so charming. I’m sure! Ha. Anyway, someday I do need to get over it but right now, forgetaboutit!

6. I am so sure no one remembers me that when I see someone I know in passing, I pretend I don’t see them until they notice me first. I know, what a loser eh…. I guess I was told I was a wallflower so much growing up, I believe it. I seem to remember everyone I meet but somehow I don’t think anyone else has that ability. As a result, I come off looking like a complete snob. How cool am I?

7. I like living here. Most people laugh at our province… it’s so flat, you an watch your dog run away for miles.. .etc. I’ve heard them all. But I like it. We don’t have traffic jams here, even in the largest cities. At least not in this one… the one to the north of us, well, they have infrastructure issues… It gets bloody cold here too and I am the first to complain but we will most likely live here for the rest of our lives. Now if that isn’t weird, I don’t know what is!

Now, who to tag… here goes nothing….Stacie, Tracey, Kaylee (only if you can though), Lizzy , Candace, Stacy and Kristin.


Alex Elliot said...

Very interesting! I'm really good at remembering faces and I'll remember someone I've only met very briefly. I don't want to weird people out though so sometimes I'll pretend I don't recognize them.

Angella said...

I have never noticed the wrinkly hands.

I, too, am a wallflower. I'M NOT KIDDING!

This list in general was awesome. I learned more about you :)

familymclean said...

Those are good ones, seems I could have written another 7 in my list! I also have old lady hands and it freaks people out, I always look like i just finished doing 2 hours of dishes by hand.

kaylee said...


The Foulds said...

I don't like long nails either...

I just posted my 7 :)

Kellan said...

Cool, crazy things about you. I liked the "dog running away" story - that was so funny, I've never heard that, but when I thought about it in my head (got the visual) it was hysterical. See you soon. Kellan

KAYLEE said...


Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi Kami,

I loved your "meme", very interesting stuff there girl! I have to confess, I am afraid of public speaking like you, too. My mouth gets all dry and I stutter, shameful! Thanks for "tagging" me, I'll be posting my 7 soon, (trying to think of seven things to say about myself, hmmmmm). Take it easy!

Tracey said...

I will try to do the meme. I always forget, and then I suck at them, anyway...

Thanks for the tag, though!

Stacie said...

awe you tagged me???? lil ole me???

I will do mine today! Thanks.

Merri said...

Hi I just chanced upon your blog through a mutual blogging pal, Teeni!
I live in Canada too!(In BC)

I too have wrinkly hands..(mom used to say, they looked "capable"..(eek of what!!!
Never mind!
They ARE the way they are..
LOL about ignoring people until THEY notice you..I sometimes do that..a bit shy I guess.
Interesting blog, I will be back!
I am at wordpress, and didn't see how to leave my name..