Tuesday, May 22, 2007

7 Random Thoughts

Here's another post about me... I am starting to wonder if this blog is to write about the kids or me. I think it's me. I guess since I am the one spewing on this here keyboard, the topic of spewing is more often than not, about lil ol me.

And of course I was tagged by the uber cool Angella so I have to play.

This was hard though, given my many posts about myself already.

1. The first and last time I ever got drunk to the point of blowing chunks was on my 19th birthday. I didn't particularly enjoy the chunks so I simply refuse to EVER do that again. I also did not enjoy the hangover the next day especially while working a 9 hour day at Orange Julius and getting absolutely zero sympathy from my uncle aka my boss. I know I didn’t deserve it but boy did I try to get some out of him!

It was also the first time I had ever been drunk and no Mom, I am not just saying that because you are reading this. It's the honest to goodness truth. That's how big of a geek I really am. Of course now I have no problem getting tanked all the time. In fact I am on my 8th pitcher of daiquiris right now. Well maybe that’s just wishful thinking…

2. I have never lived alone. I went from living at home to living with Jay. Well we pretended we lived in separate apartments for about 6 months but the truth was that we really couldn’t stand to be apart. Neither of us like being alone and to this day we don’t sleep well unless we are together.

3. I love animals but am horribly allergic to them especially cats and horses. Ironically enough those are my two favourite animals. I have a cat but when I moved away from home, she didn’t. I did try to integrate her into my apartments here but she was simply miserable. She was too used to having the run of my parent’s acreage and, although she would never admit it, she missed the other cat and dogs that my parents had. When I did live at home, she slept on a pillow beside my head. I would die now if she did that. I have lost all immunity that I may have once had and now she makes me itchy and stuffed up with all her hairy hair.

And my horse, well, she had to be sold when I moved here because I simply didn’t have the time or the funds to board her here. I hope to get back to horse back riding someday but not until the ch’lren are older and I have more time. Ha! I’ll let you know if that ever happens!

4. When I was in high school I wanted to be a vet which, given my allergies to animals is rather humorous now. First year biology and chemistry pretty much put that idea to rest and somehow I decided that accounting was the way to go. I know, it seems like such a stretch for geeky little me to become an accountant. Talk about stereotypical.

5. I lost both my front teeth by the age of 4. They didn’t’ get loose and fall out. Oh no. My clumsy tendencies began at an early age. I knocked the first one out when I was about 3 while riding a bike with training wheels. Only I could hit the ground with my teeth first. Where were my hands?!

And the other one came out the next summer when I was chasing a tricycle. You know those awful things that have likely since been banned? They had little spots for your feet on the back so you could stand and ride it kinda like a scooter. You don’t see those anymore do you? I know why. I missed the trike and guess what? I hit the ground. Teeth first again. By this time my parents probably thought I’d be in traction by the age of 6. It’s pretty amazing that they let me loose on down hill skis the following winter!

Anyway these two incidents resulted in me needing braces. I had a large gaping hole at the front of my mouth for several years since my adult teeth were not informed of my clutzy tendencies. I had to plug it to swallow so when my adult teeth did finally arrive after having suffered though my dad singing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” for several years, I promptly pushed them out. And they had a nice gap between them too. Can you say “Nah, what’s up Doc?” So first a retainer (yes, I know, the geekiness just does not end) to retrain my tongue, then braces several years later. The good news was that I only needed braces for about 8 months. That was long enough, thank you.

6. My hands look very similar to that of an 85 year old woman. And they have since I can remember. They are very wrinkly and there are lines on them like nobody’s business. I can’t tell you how many comments I have gotten over the years. I guess as I “grow” into them, the comments will start to taper off. At least the wrinkles are on my hands not on my face. So far anyway.

7. I am always right. I couldn’t think of a seventh interesting random fact about myself so this was Jay’s idea. He likes to ask me if I ever get tired of being right. Well, no. Who would?

Kidding on the last one. Well about always being right anyway. Jay does ask me that but there are many times that he’s been right too. I just don’t like to dwell on them. That would mean I was wrong and well, somehow we don’t need to advertise that now do we?


I am supposed to tag 7 people but well, I don’t know 7 people with blogs so Candace you’re it!


Anonymous said...

I would say you were lying about some of this. But I know I would be wrong for you are always right. Thank goodness I am always left. We can compliment each other.

Angella said...

Great list! Blowing chunks = AWFUL. Not that I've ever done it ;)

Matthew & I don't do well apart either. Yay for coupledom!

Elaine A. said...

Isn't that crazy that you didn't know 7 people with blogs when you posted this?? TOO GOOD! Boy how times have changed, huh?