Friday, May 18, 2007

Farewell Green Monster

The green glow from the deck got a lot less greener yesterday! The green monster is slowly being demolished, one satisfying step at a time. This is the lovely shade of green of the old indoor/outdoor carpet - you know the ONLY shade it was made in about 20 years ago. Now I am positive this deck was carpeted in the last 10 years but that didn't stop the green monster from going forth and multiplying like rabbits on our deck. And not to mention the carpet but the roof - also the SAME lovely shade of Roughrider green.

Now if you know me, you know that I couldn't care less about the Riders. So it was time for the green monster to go.

How many times have a said green monster so far?

Yeah, lots. I like to over emphasize.

Anyway, the carpet, she had to go. It was frayed and tearing in many places and Kamden was helping the cause by ripping up loose peices. I wasn't complaining!

Here's a before picture:

Don't know what that dark spot is. Could be where I splilled battery acid... just kidding.

Here's the boys hard at working scraping the old glue and chunks of green monster off.

I should have also gotten a picture of the relief on both mine and Jay's faces when the lady who was to install the carpet stopped by Wednesday evening. She had previously told us we needed to get rid of the grooves from the old glue before we could lay the new stuff.

Well Jay started sanding on Tuesday and it was clear very fast that it was going to take at least a month of Sundays and at least that many peices of sandpaper to get it off. The glue was melting from the friction of the sander and gumming up the sandpaper.

She came right after Jay came home from work Wednesday and said, oh this is fine. Just get off the bits of old carpet.

YAHOOO! Jay and the boys finished by the time I had supper on the table and she came yesterday morning and now it looks like this:

Someday the last of the green monster will die but for now, since there is absolutely nothing wrong with the roof other than the ghastly colour, it will stay.

I like to torture green monsters, it's kind of a hobby.

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Angella said...

Death to the green monster!! Looks great :)