Monday, May 14, 2007

My Loot

As usual I was spoiled rotten for my birthday, our anniversary and Mother's Day. Here's my loot:
I started with a new blender from the boys for my birthday. I don't have a picture of it in action because I was way too eager to drink the contents when it was in use over the last week. Then I got flowers from Jay - He NEVER gets flowers because, and I quote, "They just die anyway."

And on Friday afternoon, all the kindergarten mom's were invited to a Mother's Day celebration. Were we were treated to angel food cake complete with strawberries and whipped cream and a refreshing glass of iced tea all served to us by our little angels. How sweet, but now that I know how great Jack's waiter skills are, he's hired at home! Don't think he'll like the pay though but hey, he can join the club on that one.

And of course we were also spoiled rotten with homemade gifts, which are the best kind of gifts.

Here's "Mommy" by Jack:

Man, I hope my hair doesn't always look that good, it oughta be illegal to look THAT fabulous all the time.

By the way, this is very neat because at the beginning of the year when he was asked to draw a picture of himself, he drew a head. Only. He was telling me about it after and he noted that he didn't know how to draw anything else so he justdrew the head. Floating above grass. I almost died trying to not laugh at how cute that was. Then when I saw it hangin on the wall in the classroom, again with the holding of the laughter. What a guy. If he can't do it right, there's just no point in trying.

But my how far he's come... we also received these beauties:

I know I always like to talk about when he was younger, always comparing but it's my way of getting those memories down because they are all BTB - before the blog. Anyway, his first week of preschool, almost 3 years ago, he was supposed to use stamps to decorate a bag that would hold all of his crafts for the year. He refused to even try. NOW look at him. Stamping away on a terracotta pot like he's DaVinci or something.

Oh how my heart swells with pride.

I had a lovely afternoon visit with my favourite first born. He's a really cool kid and he's ALL mine. Okay well I do have to share him with his Daddy and grandparents but I'm his only mommy!

Happy Mother's Day!


Angella said...

Sounds like you were SPOILED! And I love the hairdo :)

candace said...

Happy Mothers day! It sounds like you had a great day