Monday, May 21, 2007

Rules to follow

When going out for a power walk with one of your closest friends, always follow these simple rules:

1) Take note of dark storm cloud and head in that direction
2) Keep following the cloud as best you can - stay under the cloud and the trees, you will be safest there
3) When inevitable drops begin to fall keep going further into cloud
4) When drops become downpour, start jogging
5) DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT wait under large tree where it was very dry to wait it out
6) As downpour continues, start running as if it's the 100 meter dash at the Olympics
7) As you pass closest friend's last date's house, stop and ask for towels and a place to drip while waiting out the downpour
8) Try to leave and realize it hasn't let up one tinly little bit
9) Stay a bit longer having already interupted his movie, what's 10 more minutes?
10) Attempt #2 at leaving deems that it is STILL raining, albiet a bit lighter of a downpour
11) Accept ride home from date - a total of at least 6 blocks
12) Ensure you take notes of experience as it will be discussed with great humour over the next ten years or so.

Oh and ensure you are wearing a white t-shirt.


Angella said...

Oh no! It will make good fodder for laughs, though :)

Angella said...

Oh, and TAG, YOU'RE IT :)

candace said...

I can't wait to hear you tell the story ;-) I can only imagine

Anonymous said...

I think you just decribed one of my fantasies!