Friday, February 22, 2008

Bits and snips

Wow, I was shocked at how many people actually wanted an outie while pregnant. I despised mine. When we had maternity pictures done I actually asked the photographer to edit it out. She flatly refused. But now, after 3 and half years, I don't hate it nearly as much. Now I just lament about how mishaped it is. Never happy are we?

Is he not one of the most adorable little boys ever? Okay, okay so I am highly biased. I'm good with that.

Lots going on around here but really it's the same old same old.

I am busy, busy, busy with my work but that's to be expected with the end of a large project looming and the fact that we went to the Bahamas for a week.

Found out Jack is having his eye surgery on March 26. His reaction after I got off the phone with the doctor's office was,

"Mommy, when did they say it would be. I am not having it but when did they say?"

They are going to have to provide some kind of relaxing medication. Jack might need some too because it's going to be a scene. Have you ever watched Life's Little Miracles? I find the most emotional part of every show is when the nurse comes to take the child to the OR. I cry every. single. time.

I am not sure who will be worse. Me, Jay or Jack. Valium all the way around!

The innocence is palpable isn't it? I will have to store this away for those teen years.

And since I actually spruced up a bit today, here's one trying the Anna patented head tilt.

Happy Weekend everyone!


Cecily R said...

He IS adorable! No bias here, he just is.

I didn't ever want an outie belly button, I just wanted to look cute like you did pregnant and not like a tanker truck. :)

teeni said...

Kamden is sooo cute. And I had to laugh when you said they may have to provide relaxation medication...Jack may need some too. LOL. That is so tearjerking on those life's little miracle shows - I can't watch them or I'm a mess for the rest of the day and then I have flashbacks after that too. As far as the bellybuttons go, I prefer to have an innie myself (cuz that's all I've ever had) but an outie is better than having your guts splurted all over the place. ;)

LVGurl said...

Oh, I bet Jack will be given something beforehand. Heck, before one of my surgeries, I was given something to calm me down! It really will fine...

Kamden, what a sweetie!! And I LOVE your glasses!

Kellan said...

Very cute pictures!! I don't think I have the "head tilt" in me - cute of you!!!

I hope the eye surgery goes well - I would need some calming medications too!

Have a good weekend Kami - see ya. Kellan

4 Little Men said...

Yup! He's cute! :)

I see you're putting your 'logo' on your pictures now. I keep meaning to do that but haven't found the time.

have a great weekend!


The Foulds said...

That picture of the 2 of you is so good! :)

I can see why you are all a little anxious about the surgery, but I am sure the will go great!

Hannah said...

You know I understand about the surgery ... we've talked before! And it IS hard but you WILL be okay. A little valium wouldn't hurt (for you) and I'm sure you can get them to give Jack something IF he needs it. But basically if YOU stay calm, he will too. You (or Jay) should be able to go with him to the OR? I went both times with Tyler, and held him until he was asleep (read: anaesthetised) so he never had to "leave" me.
But honestly, as nervous as you are, it's great that he is getting the surgery done at last! Soon it will all be over and you won't even remember the tears.

((((HUGS)))) and remember I'm only an email away if you want to talk more. TOTALLY know how you're feeling at the moment, hon.

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Kami!

Those are some great pictures of both of you, and I must say, you look maaavelous! "Sprucing" up looks good on you! Did you get new frames? Those are so cute!

You and Jay and Jack will all be fine, I promise! Remember, Jack will be taking his cue from you, so if Mommy is calm, he will be too. If Mommy is hysterical,...yup! Plus, the drugs they use really do help, he won't remember anything but waking up when it's done. (Perhaps a dose for Mom and Dad can be arranged?!) HA! My sister is a pre-surgical nurse and she preps little kids every day for all kinds of surgeries. They are really good with children, and they take care of them like they were their own, I swear. I know it's hard. Just try and remember why he's having the surgery and how important it is to his eyesight. (Be strong like Bull!) :)


R Family of 4 said...

I will agree he is cute it must be something in our water for both of us to have such incrediably cute boys ;-)

I am sure Jack will do just fine with the surgery. Just remember I am here for moral support for you.

Family Of Five said...

Your boy is adorable. You are quite lovely also! Great pictures!

familymclean said...

Awww, I love the head tilt, it suits you well, tres cute!

I too would be the unconsolable mom during a childs surgery. I have only ever been sepateted from mine for an x-ray and I cried for that!
How will I ever survive this mom gig?!

Elaine A. said...

He's so cute (!) and I really love your glasses! I need new ones so bad but I don't know if I could pull off that style but they look so great on you!

KATE said...

Yes, he is the most adorbale little boy EVEr. He is so stinkin cute!

I'm with Cecily, i wasn't worried about my belly button, I just wanted to be cute. It didn't happen tho!!

Kellan said...

Hi Kami - hope you had a good weekend. Nice to see you today. Have a good week - Kellan

PS - I'm scared to go to SF - don't get me wrong - I'm nervous, but excited too. July is a long way off - I might chicken out by then - we'll see.

Don Mills Diva said...

Your son is absolutely adorable. My belly button has never bee the same since I got pregnant and had to take the piercing out - sigh!

Alex Elliot said...

Sweet pictures! Both of my boys had ear tubes which is a very minor procedure but they did have to go under anesthesia. I was more of a wreck than they were. The doctors and nurses were great. They were allowed to bring a favorite toy with them. With my younger son I was allowed to be with him while he went under. Good luck on the surgery! I feel for you! I'm going to have to wear glasses again in a few years because I had corrective lenses instead of the surgery. Unfortunately in your 30's you usually need glasses again. Wish I had had the surgery when I was younger!

LaskiGal said...

Ow wow . . . you are both so adorable! Obviously, good looks runs in the family!

I kinda wanted an outie--that way I could clean all the lint out of my BB that had been building up for years. Ewww . . .