Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Evolution of Cakes

When Jack turned one, I must have felt like I had oodles of spare time. Time to lolly gag on the couch eating bon bons. My remedy for all this free time?

Make an elaborate birthday cake involving Elmo (*shakes head disgustedly at self*). And I did. It was, well, remember, I am an accountant... I live IN the box....

At 12 months of age Jack loved Elmo, it was in fact one of his first words, or something more along the lines of Elny but we knew what he meant, that totally counts as a word.

By age 2, the Elny had become Elmo and he still loved him. I went a little bit out of that box and made an even better Elmo cake. For an accountant with a lot of free time, not bad eh?

Well look what I started. All fine and dandy until his third birthday came along and I was 20 days away from giving birth to Kamden. The cake? Not made by me. Nope, made by local bakery and had a picture of a barn on it. As in a scanned picture from the internet. He liked it, that's all that matters, right?

Age 4. Jack is well into the farm equipment and together, he and I decided on a tractor. Yes, by now it's a tradition. See what I get myself into?

To date, this one is definitely the best. Now remember, 20 days later is Kamden's first birthday. I may be crazy but I am not stupid. Kamden's cake was nothing to get excited about. In fact, I have no picture of it at all. To the best of my recollection, I made ice cream cone cupcakes and I also remember them being kind of icky. For the grown ups I made an ice cream cake and decorated it with some balloons, nothing special.

Then next year, Jack turned five and Kamden turned two. Jack asked for a cake exactly like I made for Kamden the previous year. That's right, balloons, that's all he wanted. I am positive he's holding that for future use against me. I know I would!

This meant I had some free time (HA!) to be more creative with Kamden's cake.

No, it wouldn't win any awards but he was two, it looked like Nemo, kind of, if you squint with one eye and close the other. It's all good.

The following year, Jack turns six and enters the era of Cars and Lightening McQueen. We stil haven't left that era, apparently it's a long one.

And Kamden's cake? Yeah, it was bad. SO BAD that I won't even post a picture of it. It was bad enough that friends and family had to burn their retinas on it, I won't subject you to it too. Also, I didn't take a picture of it.

It involved Dora figurines, that's all I'll say. But look at Lightening and Mater, they are awesome.

Okay so, not my best work. You know those Wilton cake pans? A really good idea. Jack liked them though, at least he told me he did. By this age though he likely knew the fine art of not hurting Mommy's feelings.

Here we are, 2008 and Jack turned seven (SEVEN!). He's into football and wanted a football cake. Dude, like, make it easy for your Mommy or what?

Galloping by on a horse, totally looks like a football. Don't you dare slow down though.

Kamden, as you may remember, wants to be Buzz Lightyear when he grows up. I wanted to do a Buzz cake. But Wilton? You let me down. There was no Buzz cake pan in any store here or on-line anywhere. Up until the morning of his party I had no concrete plans for his cake. I was about to free hand Buzz on a pan cake until the doorbell rang. It was my dear friend Candace with her son's Buzz figurines.

I was saved by her and my hubby who found an illustration on-line depicting a moon with Buzz and Zurg, the evil villain, facing off.

Whew. I dodged another bullet. Stay tuned for the next installment of Kami's Kake Kapades: What will she butcher next?



Kristin said...

You are too funny!

I think the Buzz cake is totally awesome, I bet he loved it!

Elaine A. said...

I think these cakes are all totally rockin' and that you are a wonderful Mommy for making them!

Such great memories for your boys! Great job Kami (I would pat you on the back but I can't reach!)

Misty said...

I LOVE all the cakes. You're fabulous.

teeni said...

Awesome post! Love the cakes but your commentary, as always, is the best. I sometimes wonder what you would come up with if I handed you all the odd search terms I get. Hmm - maybe we will have to try that sometime. :)

mamatucci said...

I loved your cakes u are so talented.Matteo is going to love the Cars cakes. He has been obsessed since 11 months and still going strong.Great buzz cake too. I may copy that one

Hannah said...

Hey girl, your cakes are awesome! At least you made them yourself (well apart from one, but you had a really good excuse, LOL). I think a home-made cake is always a special touch, and kids know that their mom spent time making it, so that's really special.

I need to do a cake commentary on my blog ... I have 8 so far, and another one coming!

I absolutely LOVE your Buzz cake, I wish I had done that for Tyler's 2nd birthday when he had a rocket cake (not my best work).

Kellan said...

Galloping by on a horse - HAHAHAHAHA!

I can't even tell you how impressed I am with all those fabulous cakes!!!!!! You are seriously my cake-making-accountant-eating-too-many-bon-bons-but-still-makes-her-kids-fabulous-Birthday-cakes - HERO!! REally! I have NEVER made a special cake for any of my kids. I have always either just made a plain ol' round, two-layer cake with candles on the top or purchased one of those grocery store cake-wanna-be's! YOU ROCK!!!

See you - Kellan

Tracey said...

I love the cakes that have figurines on them. They are the easiest but everybody likes them the most since they are very obvious in what they are.

I take pics of EVERY cake, even the dull ones. One year, I think Justin was turning 7 or 8, he didn't even WANT A cake, so I just made an angel food one with frosting. I made the mistake of asking my husband to take care of getting it ready.Yeah... instead of us singing to my kid, he started CUTTING AND SERVING the cake!! I took a picture when it was half gone with a candle on it. Ah, memories...

Angella said...

You never fail to crack me up! I am also impressed with your talent! I just make chocolate bundt cake and pour Smarties in the middle :)

Debbie said...

Those cakes are great, Kami. You have way more creativity than I would. My kids get chocolate cake with a Lightening McQueen candle. :)

Ashley said...

Those cakes are sweet!! So when Bethany turns two and she doesn't want a cupcake tree birthday cake, will you be moonlighting as cake decorator extrodonaire?

You did a wonderful job!

Stacie said...

I think they are fantastic...you can make a cake for my kids anytime. :D

Natalie said...

They all look great to me!!! You crack me up though! I love the narration of the cakes!

Well, and the only other thing I have to say is YUMMY!

Anna-borderline-bonkers-banana :) said...

They are all so amazing! Kaitlyn named them all off right away, she loves elmo, cars and nemo, "look, look, mommy, cake, I want one."
Thanks Kami, look what you just started.....just kidding, I am totally the same way with cakes and have my own set of expectations to live up to.
And I am planning on throwing them out the window this year, aahhhhh!

LVGurl said...

HEH. I love the evolution of the birthday cakes!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

You know, I saw those pictures the other day and thought--was that a gray cake? I almost commented but convinced myself that it was surely not the case. Now it makes sense.

Fantastic cakes!

Karen MEG said...

Wow, Kami, you make great cakes for an accountant LOL!!!!!
No seriously, that is fabulous, and so creative!

I don't even try. My kids got bakery cakes that the adults loved (when they were little and didn't know to appreciate the REAL buttercream and all!)... and now the Loblaws/Dominion $29.99 specials. Because they have the Scooby, Dora, Sponge-bob and princess... and I don't bake ;)

mamatucci said...

I have to tell you all day Matteo has been saying he is " hungreen". Hungry for what A Mater cake!

Conor said...

You are way too modest, those are awesome!

BeachMama said...

Oh your cakes are awesome! I caved and bought a cake last year too, but I will be back to baking this year whether he likes it or not ;)