Thursday, June 05, 2008

First Troll Alert

That’s right folks, I had the honour of my first troll comment not 5 minutes ago. What a rush, I must have finally made it now, people are bashing me. That’s what it means right?

The comment came on my all time #1 Google hit, the post about strep butt . Seriously, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t get a hit (or three) from Google of some one searching about this topic. It I had known that would be what makes me infamous I might have polished up the post a bit.

This morning as I am checking my Google reader my email dings. It’s an anonymous (or course, do trolls ever use their name?) comment so I go check it out. Here’s what I see:

“I am a professional healthcare provider and I feel compelled to say that rectal streptococus (strep butt) in no laughing matter. It is a serious affliction, in the same league as corneal chlamydia (whore's eye) or vaginal lice (va-J-J vermin). You wouldn't be laughing if you had spinal extendus(monkey tail)or exopthalmos (bug eyes). Or what about choditis (crotch rot) and uterine prolapse (crotch purse).These people deserve your compassion, not your ridicule.”

Wow, there, “professional health care provider”, you sure like to throw a lot of who ha diseases around. Is that name dropping in Hollywood? Is it supposed to show your credibility?

If you had actually read the post, you would see that I was not ridiculing my own sons who are the ones who actually had strep butt. Nor should you put strep butt in the same category as all the venereal infections you felt so free to throw around above. Seriously, va-J-J vermin? You did notice it was my boys who had the strep butt? Last time I checked they had neither a va-J-J or a who ha or vermin for that matter.

And also? The fact that I took them to the doctor and then followed through on the treatment probably means that I most certainly did take the infection seriously. But I might be going out on limb there.

I have to think that maybe this is the same “professional health care provider” who was sharing the love over at Anna's while back.

The only person I was ridiculing in that post was myself for ignoring the symptoms so long. I guess I owe myself some sympathy rather than ridicule then?

I’m good with that. Thanks for sharing the love!



Natalie said...

LOL! I love your response!!! Kirstyn had a itchy butt a while back (of course on a long weekend when the doc was closed!). anyway, i did the tape in butt test and couldn't decide what I was seeing. My girlfriend that is a nurse told me I could give her the over the counter med for pinworms and if she didn't have them it wouldn't I did and the butt itch went away. Who knows if that was it, but all i care was that the non stop diggin' she was doing stopped! :-)

oh and I could have lived the rest of my life not knowing that so many crotch diseases were out there! thank you google for being there for all of us inquisative moms!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

I had a comment. I feel compelled to shower instead. I'm kind of itchy right now.

Angella said...

That "health care provider" sure is fascinated with va-J-J's and vermin.

*Shakes head*

You have NEVER written anything that should attract trolls. You are one of the most caring, best Mommies I know!

teeni said...

I think you have a secret admirer troll. If someone wants to just be nasty, they usually get right to it and are on their way. This person took a lot of time to write quite a bit. So I guess you should be flattered? Wait - did I just really write that? LOL. Oh well, hopefully you don't have to put up with that kind of crap often. You are a great mom and if someone can't tell when you are being sarcastic and funny then they need to go get a personality.

Hannah said...

Yikes, it's kind of obvious what your troll thinks about all day long! EWWW.

I can't believe anybody would think you were laughing AT the disease, you were laughing at the name ... OMG, some people just need to GET A SENSE OF HUMOUR!

Tracey said...

You are in the BIG LEAGUES now, girl!! WhoooTTT!!!

Elaine A. said...

Well, I read the other post and even your doctor called it that, right?

I can't believe the gall of some poeple.

And that is your most Googled post? Sick puppies in this world I tell ya!

Kellan said...

It aggrivates me that these people don't have the guts to post their names and also that they don't take the time to really read the posts through and through - they just sort of take what they want from the post and run crazy!

You told her!

Have a good evening - Kellan

mamatucci said...

if they have to put they are a professional I am sure they are not!some people need to get a life.
I thought it was funny and in this family we a large sense of humour about bodily functions and boby parts.

KATE said...

Oh my crap I LOVE it! I can't believe that someone left you that! So funny! I do think the "health care provider" was in fact trying to sound smart, by dropping all the Va-J-J & Who-Ha diseases! that is so funny! hee hee, I think you have arrived! ha ha

Karen MEG said...

Go Kami, go Kami!!!!

That's it, don't take that sitting down!! Some people can't read.

And I remember that craziness at Anna's. Boggles my mind.

Stacie said...

ok, boooo you had a troll...but seriously the "health care provider" is HILARIOUS...vaj-j vermin...hahahaha.

AND just to not be confused, I am not laughing at the illness, but laughing at their slang names, classic!

Kellan said...

Hey Kami - thanks for coming by tonight. Have a great weekend and I'll see you later - Kellan

Anonymous said...

I'm a new reader to your blog and I'm glad you posted that link because the video was just too cute! Your response here to the troll was great too.

Crazy Daisy said...

great response! I just clicked over the read the first post... wow, would would have thought. I was SO happy it wasn't the alternative!