Sunday, January 18, 2009


When I was a teenager, I spent my spare time at the rink. I figure skated. Not competitively but for the sheer love of it. I did go through the Canadian Figure Skating Testing System and having those test to prepare for drove me.

To work harder. To practice more. To land just one more jump.

I always had the next level to work towards.

I am still a goal orientated person.

About 3 years ago, I was a year and half post Kamden. My body was a much larger and jiggly shadow of it's former self. I was, to put it mildly, out of shape.

As a kid not only did I skate, I had lightening fast metabolism, and trust me, I used that to it's fullest advantage. Can you say heart attack city?

Obviously the habits I had built up had finally come back to haunt me. That and the fact that I felt the need to eat for 3 while pregnant and shockingly breastfeeding did not make those rolls disappear. That's a bold faced lie, people, I am living proof.

It was time. I had a brief sojourn in university with the gym. But once I started working full time and we got married that sojourn ended rather abruptly. I had no wedding dress to fit into and consequently no goal.

Then the boys came along and what was the point in being in shape while pregnant, I thought?

I have since learned that the point is about a million fold but hindsight is like that.

So a year and half after birthing my dear Kamo, I decided to get active again with the goal of not only getting a little bit smaller but to get back into shape.

It worked. For a while.

Then I began eating more because I was exercising. I was entitled wasn't I? The good news is that I stuck to it. I have now been active for the last 3 years. Straight. No falling of the proverbial treadmill so to speak. It's no longer a goal but a part of my life.

Fast forward two years to a little over a year ago. We were preparing for our trip to the Bahamas. The same trip that I may or may not have given Jay incentive to take by promising that I would wear a bikini.

People, we had to kick it up about 10 notches. I cut way back on portions and snacking. I lost some weight and that coupled with the fact that there was no one on the beach, I wore the bikini.

When we got home, I contacted a trainer. My friend worked with a trainer and it sounded perfect. Someone else pushing me harder than I have ever pushed myself? Sign me up.

The cost, in my opinion, is well worth it. Jay agrees whole heartedly, I assure you. It is not for everyone but for me it has been fabulous. She has shaped and sculpted this body of mine into something I sometimes barely recognize. And I like it.

I am feel so strong. So fit.

This June, I embarked on a journey to meet another goal of mine. That goal was to be able to run. More than 5 steps consecutively. I began a learn to run 10 k program that started out really slow. A program that a really good friend gave me. That program was the kick start to this whole thing.

At first I just was running to be able to run, just for cardio fitness.

Then another friend ran her third half marathon.

I never in my wildest dreams would have though that I would even fathom doing that.

But I finished the learn to run program by running 10 km. And I lived to tell about it. And it was kind of fun. And the feeling of accomplishment? That was the absolute best part.

And let me tell you, the endorphins from running, they are the BEST kind. Trust me on this. I never got running in the past. I thought, why? Why torture yourself like that? It just seems wrong.

I get it now.

And after I did 10k, I realized running is easy. All you have to do is train. All you have to do is follow a schedule that works you up to your target distance.

A half marathon is 21.1 k. A little over double the 10k. If I could do 10K, why not 21?

And this goal, it is driving me forward. To keep at it. To stay fit. To eat right.

On April 26, 2009 I will attempt to run 21.1k.

Today, I did the 8k on my training schedule. It hurt. When I reached the 8k finish, I was done. In a little over 3 months, will I be able to go 13.1 more kilometers?

I go back and forth, from I can do this, no worries, to holy cow what was I thinking!

Follow me on my journey, and if you are so inclined either cheer me on or mock me, I might be just a little bit crazy but good crazy. I think?



Ed (zoesdad) said...

I want to run--I do. My knees do not particularly care for it.

So instead I eat peanut butter.

Angella said...

Go YOU! I LOVE running, but my knees cannot take it anymore. The pain and limping is too much.

But I will cheer you on!!

Threeboys1mommy said...

I'm so impressed Kami! I know you can do it. (edit-I get it know, to now) I do that all the time ;-)

Leslie said...

Wow, you continue to amaze me, so talented and driven! You go girl! I'm going to start one day.....promise!

Kristin said...

I am impressed! Good for you! GO KAMI!

I expect to see pictures of the big event. :)

Hannah said...

You are my inspiration, Kami!! You really are. I have lost weight, but I need to TONE UP. I wish I could afford a trainer, because it sounds totally amazing. As for running, I have always wanted to do that, too. But I struggle to run. I've seen those "programmes" where you gradually build up, and always get a twinge of excitement about the possibility of giving it a go.

I really hope one day I will get my act together and DO these things!

I SO know you can do the half marathon. I am cheering for you, SO LOUDLY! You go, girl!!

Karen MEG said...

You GO girl!!! I wish I could run... I have very little endurance. I pass out running around the block. The most I can handle now is 1 hour of dance aerobics... but with my bum knee I fully expect to gain another 10 lbs before I hit the gym again.

Yes, I was also blessed with a wicked fast metabolism and could eat anything... until now with the gall bladder attack, bum knee, and eating on the run because of Dad's situation, pudgy city here I come...

But I'll be keeping tabs on you, I will follow and you are going to kick some wicked marathon A$$!!

Stacie said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! I am behind you all the way (I might be on a bike, cause there is no way in hell I am going to run) you can do this...I am impressed...and inspired (slightly)


You are awesome. You will do this...and I will cheer you on!

Tracey said...

You go hon. You SHOULD be proud. It's a life change. One that I am struggling to begin...

Cammie said...

We now have to be blogging BFFs. there is just no other way. If you go back to my blog I devoted an entire post to our name. It is titled Cammie, with a C like Cat.
even though you are a Kami........

Cammie said...

here you go!!

Natalie said...

yeah! i will cheer you know it! you are my #1 cheerleader in my fitness quest! i sometimes don't recognize myself either..i understand that feeling and isn't it a great one!

Cammie said...

Kami --like Tammy only cooler....LOVE IT

teeni said...

It is because you are that little bit crazy that we love you so much! LOL. ;)

Seriously, you have been doing all the right things and taking it seriously and you are very determined. I have every reason to believe you will reach your goal. And I'll be cheering you every step of the way, dear friend. YOU are MY inspiration. :) Hugs to you!

Elaine A. said...

You know I am behind you 200%!!! I am so inspired by you Kami. So very inspired... : )

Kellan said...

What a great and inspirational post, Kami - REALLY! I am so impressed and so envious that I am also behind you - you rock and you are such an inspiration!!! Good luck with your continued training!

Have a great week -- Kellan

Cammie said...

I gave you an award today!!!

BeachMama said...

I will glady run 5k along side of you, only once though, I think more than that would make me have to admit that I am once again an athlete.

It is funny you are posting this post today because I had a conversation with one of my Sisters today about how she thinks she is an active person, but two of us don't think so. I tried to tell her that doing Wii fit for a month or so does not an make her an active person. Getting out walking (to the store or just to walk) and taking the kids outside to play or doing active things makes a person active. She still didn't get it.

Alex Elliot said...

Good for you! I started running this time last year for my triathlons. Ever thought about a triathlon?

Ashley said...

WAY TO GO GIRL!!!! Keep up the hard work! I know you can do it and I am also here to cheer you on!!!

:) :) :)