Wednesday, January 28, 2009


SuperMommy tagged me for a meme and since it involves winning something, and since I can win something, I have to give it a go. That and I am slightly frightened, but also in awe, of her superpowers and if I don't let her look in my chest, she might launch me into outer space or something.

Because I have so much stuff, I have a whole cabinet in my bathroom in addition to the boring old medicine chest. Let's start there, shall we?

Top shelf is what is required to tame my naturally curly hair. Yes, I use all of them. And also my Arbonne skin care system. I am trying to stay young looking - ish.

The bottom shelf proves that I am an accessory whore.

And how did that blue thing get in there, sheesh! You know you THAT has got your curiousity. Go ahead, pull it out and see what it is.

Get your mind out of the gutter, it's not what you think (I am looking at you SuperMommy, Elaine and Leslie) EW! What kind of girl do you think I am? It's a banana holder for goodness sake! But how did it get in there? Not usually where I store my, er, bananas or ladders for the matter...

Moving on, this here is the actual medicine cabinet. And on the top shelf is my own personal pharmacy. Nothing too exciting there, just some everyday over the counter kind of stuff.

Second shelf holds my NEVER worn contacts. My eyes don't do foreign objects in them. That was an expensive experiment I conducted not only once, but twice. I am quick learner like that.

Bottom shelf, old glasses and also old nail polish. Winter is long here in the quasi Arctic, so the nail polish separates. Either that or it froze. I know I'm frozen on a daily basis, why not the nail polish too?

Let's have a look at my colour selections though. Can I get a "what the hell were you thinking?" over that yellow?

And the separated mauve on the right is so 1999. Hey, maybe it's vintage now?

Let' not even talk about that white that is trying to get out of the shot.

And lastly the Purell. I know people who swear by this stuff. I swear AT it instead. Putting the equivalent to rubbing alcohol on my hands, which are prone to eczema, is like some kind of ancient torture ritual to me.

I am pretty sure I got this as a sample when Jack was born, seven and half years ago. Why I have kept it is beyond me and the even bigger question is why is half of it missing? *hiccup*

There you have it! A sneak peak into the lair that is Kami's bathroom.

And here come the have until Jan 30th to enter over at SuperMommy’s.

Kami (it's not me! I found another one of us!)
Cammie and another one!)

Have at it ladies!



Threeboys1mommy said...

Okay Kams, I'll admit it. I had to Google "banana holder" to see if your story was legit, and now I just feel glib and stupid... but that was a ballsy move (pun intended) and it may just put you over the top.

(Can't stop laughing) said...

Banana holder...sounds pretty fishy. Thanks (I think) for the tag...I'll get on it soon. Thanks for your kind words about my hubs, too! Stay warm. :) Kami

Cammie said...

That is hysterical.
And I dont have a medicine cabinet (thank you Lord...I dont need one more place to hoard stuff)

Ed (zoesdad) said...

So what does your husband get for space??

Leslie said...

ummmm, I think I'm slightly insulted that you would think so low of me....but I did zoom in on your photo and that is the curviest "ladder" I've ever seen!!! Way to go Kams!! you lucky dog!

Wendy@RuensOnTheRun said...

Laughing at the "banana holder", yeah, whatever... Good post for the meme!!

Tenakim said...

I googled it too and I'm just speechless.

I didn't know there was a cream for intelligence either- you have a treasure trove there, mam!

Angella said...

My cupboards are scary beyond reason. I could never post them on the Internet :)

teeni said...

LOL. Loved the look into your medicine chest but am starting to notice a trend here at the Khlopchyk and may have to change my name to ensure entrance into one of my favorite blogs. :) Hope you are having an awesome vacation!

Elaine A. said...

What?? I wasn't thinking anything. Of course the moment I saw it I thought, "Oh look, there's her banana holder!!" Ok. maybe not.

And what IS up with that nail polish?

Nice storage for your necklaces!

Kami said...

my meme post is up! Please check it out and validate my self-worth :)

Stacie said...
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Stacie said...

k. I will work on this this weekend...thanks for tagging me...oh shit is there a deadline (goes back to read)

ah shit. today. today is the deadline...well, I will play along anyway, cause I can always use some good blogging material. ;)

LaskiGal said...

"banana holder" --that's what they all say.

BTW, vintage is so IN!

And you are so organized . . . I'm a wee bit jealous!