Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Update

Can you tell we watched SNL last night? We don't usually and now I remember why, it's not my kind of humour for the most part. We only watched to see Kelly Clarkson. I love her and her new song.

Moving the weather of course. After I griped about it, Old Man Winter seems to have cashed it in. There has been sun, accompanied by warmth, a warmth we haven't felt for months which has resulted in the creation of copious amounts of puddles. It was warm, and melting and there has been much rejoicing. We know it's not completely over because that's just not how it works, but the worst is most likely over. Murphy, please don't rear your head over that statement. Pretty please?

And in other news? My run this morning?


Apparently, this training thing mimics life. Peaks and valleys, highs and lows, good and bad. Last week easily fits into the valley category. Actually the last two weeks which didn't end until yesterday when Friday's hoopla of a headache finally ceased. It was a real pain the neck (pun intended). Tylenol is my new hero. Advil was not working so I tag teamed them and that finally did the trick.

Today I tackled 9.5 miles and this week, I can tell, is going to be a peak. Again a personal record for distance, topping the 8 miles of two weeks ago.

Ten minutes into the run I knew it was going to be a good one. I paced myself, I was in that place where I cease to think about the physicality of running and settle in to enjoy the music.

The other bonus was that up until now, I have been running on 200 meter indoor track, you know on account of living in the Arctic. I no like running in -30 degree weather. I am a wuss. I am good with that. But today? It was a balmy -3 (pick up your chins up you Texans and Californian girls that is balmy to us Eskimos) so I ran outside.

Other than the few treacherous patches of ice, it was gorgeous and the scenery was so much more interesting that the walls of the building that house the indoor track. Funny that.

At the half way point, I was feeling spectacular, you know, for having already run 4.75 miles anyway, so I picked up the pace ever so slightly. I was heading home. I am like a horse, the trip home is much faster than the trip away from home.

Then my left knee started squawking. WTH? I stop to stretch my quads and this typically helps when a knee twinges. This was more than a twinge though. This was a pain. It felt better but as I got closer and closer to home...not so much.

I think I might have done something to the bugger but I am not panicking yet. I will rest it and see where it's at later in the week. I may seek professional help before I really do something serious. After all this is not about wrecking my body. If it can't do it, it can't do it. I have already surpassed my expectations, I'll be okay with that.

Anyway, that's my long winded, rather trite weekend update. If you are still with me I would like to thank all of you gave me such nice, helpful and encouraging comments on my last two posts. You all are the best!

Oh and I have now become a die hard fan of sports drinks. Electrolytes are some seriously good stuff!

And that's a wrap folks.



Elaine A. said...

You're awesome girl. Hope the headaches stay away and that your knee is okay.

Look, I'm a poet! ;P

P.S. Tim is LOVING the new Kelly Clarkson album. Yes, I said Tim.

Wendy@RuensOnTheRun said...

I think my jaw is still hanging from reading balmy -3 !!
Congrats on a good run and I hope your knee is fine.

Natalie said...

I don't think you can say balmy and -3 in the same sentence. AND I'm pretty sure that IF it were that cold around me I WOULD NOT EVEN GO OUT TO THE CAR TO GO TO THE GYM much less go for a run you are my HERO!

And until now, I thought I was the only person on the planet that doesn't watch SNL. I never have. I don't find it funny. It annoys me.

Great job on the run...

Hannah said...

Hey, Sporty Spice!! You ROCK. I love how passionate you are about your running, it just oozes out of your posts. Love it.

I hope your knee is okay!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you'd do a run post - it's midnight, a little late to call - and I was curious!


BeachMama said...

Rest well my friend, you don't want to wreck your body for future use :).

I am so happy we were able to share some of our Spring weather with you, it has been a treat for sure, reminding me of March Breaks of my youth.

p.s. SNL stopped being funny a few years ago, I will still go back and watch the oldies, but the new stuff, well, I just don't get it.

Tracey said...

I actually record SNL and didn't like last night's show. They've been better recently.

Sorry, but I HATE that Kelly Clarkson song. It rubs me the wrong way. Something about saying her life would SUCK. Just sounds like she could have found a more poetic way of saying it. That's all.

Hope your knee shapes up!

nicole said...

Okay, you are a superhero for running in that cold! I am such a wimp that if it is 40 degrees I refuse to go outside. All treadmill all the time for me.

Bummer about the knee. Lots of stretching and maybe some walking will help. I had some knee pain when I first started running and it seemed to be related to stretching more than anything. Definitely don't hurt yourself.

Way to go!

Stacie said...

Yay for warmer (?) weather.

I hope the knee is nothing big deal!

A Crafty Mom said...

That's so great!! I'm glad to hear the run went well - I would find that a pretty warm day too :-) I ran outside this weekend and it was +5 - I was in heaven and almost put my shorts on. Take care of the knee - it's possible it's really nothing, but stretch well and keep an eye on it. I've had knee pain too, and I know how much it can suck. You go runner girl!!!

Threeboys1mommy said...

Is your knee swollen? Squeeking? I'm concerned, remember, you're running for the both of us ;-)

Cammie said...

I have an award for you....