Monday, December 20, 2010

7 days, Day 2 and Christmas Our Style

Day 2 - which was technically yesterday, you all know how it makes my type A personality itchy to be late, however, I never did get an invite to the Flickr group so maybe I don't have to play by the rules anyway?

The theme for day 2 was bright and these new dishes I got for Christmas from my boys are bright and cheery so they fit the bill me thinks. My smile is somewhat misleading, I really am excited about these - they are adorable and fit with our (my) snowman theme.

7 Days, Day 2

Day 3 - this idea was much better in my head or of my head.

Day3 - 7 days

Get it? Of my head....oh boy, she's lost it again, folks. I think the first sign was a post two days in a row.

Moving on, because I can't just post that. Oh no, how fun would that be?

As I noted last week, we opened our presents together as a family of four this weekend. For the first time ever, I am pleased with the photos I took during such an event. Normally, my shots are all from the wrong angle, at the wrong perspective etc. So for the grandparents, who I hope are interested, here they are.

Christmas gift opening

Working together to open the thing I said we would never get. Yes, that thing. Starts with a "W" and rhymes with me. Uh huh.

Crowding around Daddy

Admiring Daddy's new watch.

Spoiled #2

Playing that other thing I swore we would never own. I caved.

Spoiled #1

Totally and utterly caved. If you are going to cave you might as well go all the way, right?

But on a good note, the behaviour around here has been stellar.

Power Rangers

Gosh, I love these two.


Jen Wilson said...

Your photos are seriously incredible. Did you put in a request to be in the group? I did it for Kaylie and it took about a day - maybe she's a little behind! I'll see if I can invite you, I'm not sure if it works like that or if it has to be the admin.

ANYWAY, glad you're participating!!!

Elaine A. said...

That shot of Jay is awesome! And they boys are so big (ACK!) and super cute with their presents!!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

the pictures came out great. my in-laws gave us a Wii for our anniversary which I never thought we'd get, but the boys love it. looks like you had a fun Christmas take 1

Kristin said...

These pictures are wonderful. Usually gift opening pics are hard to get, but you did awesome!

To help you feel good about "caving" a lot of those systems have educational games... and the Wii has sounds like you could have a lot of good family fun together.

Cheryl said...

ummmm you got DSI's too?????
I am impressed!!!!!!!

You have a way brighter smile then that pic shows.......still a beauty though! Love the scarf!! HOw many weeks till we shop?

Angella said...

Great photos, Kami!

(Matthew swore we'd never own those things...and then I've been given two at Nintendo parties, so...)

And Merry Christmas. :)

nicole said...

We got a Wii last year and it has been great. Our kids know we only play as a family, so they don't ask to play it all the time. We are still resisting on the DS though.