Monday, December 13, 2010

Remember Me?

It's been so long I almost forgot my log in information for Blogger. Being December, things have been busy around Chez Lahti.


There's work, piano, soccer, homework and Christmas preparations, not unlike any normal family.

Then there is also the fact that I replaced my laptop and added some fancy new accesories. We are also looking to replace Jay's car. It's a 1988 model. I kid you not.

We recently replaced the muffler and power steering. Then on top of the fact that the windsheild washer sprayer has not worked since sometime in the late 90's, the wipers quit too.

For some reason, that was Jay's last straw.

Hoar Frost

All fun, to get new toys and such but also time consuming.

Leaning Tower of Tree

The snowmen are all out of storage and spreading cheer but so far, this is the only Christmas tree in the house. We better get on that.

The other day the boys found a Christmas frog that sang Jingle Bell Frog. They wanted to get it. I was incredulous. HOW would that match our snowmen collection? I am mean like that.

Advent, Grade 1 style

How are things with you?

PS nominations for the most boring blog post ever are now open. I think have a good shot.


Stacie's Madness said...

i still love least you posted. :)

Jen Wilson said...

You are so not boring, you silly girl. December's just busy!!!

I love that first photo. The snowy branches. I miss Regina. There are some bright orange berries in front of the leg that are brilliant in contrast to the snow.

Cheryl said...

Kami, Love the pics!!
Since I chat with you daily I am not missing out..but I do miss your year...daily blog resolution?

Angella said...

I'm just glad you posted!

Love the pics, lady. :)

Ashley said...

Glad you're back! Those pictures are beautiful, and we just did a tree like that! Although I was not as creative with the "snow". Also, my children ate half the bowl of icing and spent an evening on the couch with a belly ache, but that's neither here nor there.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

beautiful snow pictures. I love seeing the pictures in my warm house.

Anonymous said...

So lovely to hear from you! I can totally relate to being too busy to blog ... but I'm glad you stopped in. I just love the gingerbread photo! Yum!

teeni said...

LOL! What!!?? No frogs with your snowmen? Surely ONE little one couldn't hurt! Just kidding. I absolutely adore the cardboard tube candles with the tissue paper flames! Somebody is very creative over there! :)

Kristin said...

Cute Christmas tree. :)

Hope you are having a fun Christmas season. :)

Ed said...

Your tree looks good enough to eat!

Elaine A. said...

Is that a gingerbread tree? I want one.

Hope you all are staying warm!

R Royal Family said...

Like I said the Buick is still availiable ;-)

PS I saw the singing frog last night, you totally should have gone for it or you could be like me and get a singing skunk(post to come)

Andrea said...

I'm just glad you posted too!