Tuesday, December 21, 2010

7 Days - Day 4 - Legs

Today was a leg workout with my trainer. It inspired to me to set up my tripod and use my remote shutter button. It also resulted in smoke coming out of my ears and mouth due to difficulties getting me in the right spot for the lens to focus. Good times.

7 days day 4

And because I want you all to know that there is still, in fact, junk in the old truck, there is this one. If you don't believe me, then click on the photo and see the note I added in Flickr.

7 days day 4 - not sure which to pick

If only I had the mad photoshop skillz to airbrush that out.

Actually scratch that, because this is real. You know with the fake 70's effect and all.


Anonymous said...

I'd be SO happy if my thighs looked like yours!! I don't know how much running it is going to take for mine to get significantly smaller. By the way, I ran 2 kilometres nonstop last night! Was supposed to be more, but I had to stop and walk for a bit. Then I ran another kilometre after that. THANK YOU for being one of the people who inspired me to become a runner. I think I can almost say that I am one! I'm definitely addicted :-)

P.S. In case you didn't get my compliment, because it was nestled amongst my own self-loathing, I think your legs look GREAT!

Jen Wilson said...

You have INCREDIBLE legs!!!

(And Picnik is AWESOME!)

Jen said...

I want your flat abs. Switch you for my flabby ones?

Angella said...

Nice gams, lady!

Karen MEG said...

Hot gams ;)!!! Fake 70s effects rule too.

Elaine A. said...

You have AWESOME legs!!! I just WISH mine looked that good. Damn.

Stacie's Madness said...

i think i see goosebumps.