Wednesday, January 26, 2011



I have seen other blogger participate in this weekly You Capture thing and last week I said, for goodness sake you want to blog and you want to practice using your camera so why for the love of all that is holy and good in the world are you not participating?

(it's scary in my head, people, with a capital S)

So here I am, giving it a go. This week's theme is happy.


Saturday morning Lego that does not involve any need for me to "help", aka build the whole thing myself while they watch. Happy? Definitely.


See above. See me? That's right, you don't. Happy? Damn straight.

Railing, FAIL

Kamden's crazy face? Um, yeah, that would be makes me happy for $1,000 Alex.

And the railing FAIL, also makes me happy. Time for a new wrought iron one!

Living in our Room

My photography, hanging in my living room, making me smile (as long as it makes me happy, it is a worthy hobby).


And this one, from June 2006, is just for fun - that is Kamden eating a sandwich as big as his head at age 2 on a picnic. Oh the memories of sweet little boys!

That was kind of fun, maybe I will try it again next week too!


Cheryl said...

Kamden! So cute, what a great eater!!!!

I love that you have framed some of your photo wall may include some of mine...if I ever do one!!!

New railing...yes!!!!!

That was fun to look at, do it more often!

Angella said...

Love these! And I smile when I see my photos on the wall, too. :)

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

great pictures. I love that last one it is too funny

Stacie's Madness said...

i haven't participated in "you capture" in SOOOO long.

great photos!

Jen Wilson said...

Awesome! I'll have to do that some time.

I love that photo on your wall with the skates. A lot a lot.

Natalie said...

So I love the way you write your posts! You are so funny! And I sure love to smile! Lovin your shots...PS it's scary in my head too! ;)

Colleen said...

I'm glad you're joining in. I love the photo that you have hanging on your wall. I need to follow your example and frame some of my favorite pics.

mj said...

I love your blogs!
Those kids are so cute!

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Elaine A. said...

Oooh, love your photograph on the wall. And that last shot makes me happy too! So cute! :D

nicole said...

I absolutely feel you on the happiness that comes with not helping the kids play! Yes!