Friday, January 28, 2011

The TV That Temporarily Came To Be

My husband had a dream. This guy who asks for so little that is materialistic. But this he wanted.

A flat screen TV of the ginormous size.

He hummed and hawed. For years.

This Fall I told him to go and buy it already for the love of Pete.

One day, a few weeks later, he calls me from Best Buy telling me to bring the van.

He finally made a decision!

We set it up - which given we have a fake fire place brick wall for a TV holder was no small feat (don't ask!) - and enjoyed it.

Until today.

Around 2pm this afternoon I was working away in my office while the boys played in the family room just outside my door. No school today - they pretty much get every second Friday off. I am pretty sure the school board is training them to be government employees.

So Kamden comes in and asks me to come look at the TV. I find this odd since it wasn't on but go to investigate.

I see this.


Should we look a little closer?


Apparently, a plastic connector to one of their foam fort sets when flying through the air. Accidentally.

Somehow, I was very calm. Shock probably. I didn't even yell once. I did, however, try to turn it on.

It fizzled. Loudly. No picture.

Quickly, I turned it off and as I wandered back into my office (the shock again) muttered, "Way to go boys, you just wrecked a $1,000 TV."

Guess who's college funds are going to be a little (a lot) leaner in the very near future?


Ashley said...

Oh man! I know Facebook already told me this happened, but the photo evidence is worse than what I imagined. Hope you guys have a good weekend inspite of the accident! And you are so lucky that you have such great boys who are truthful with you about things that happen.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

ouch! I bet your hubby was none too happy with that! At least they told you the truth... which may have contributed to you being calm in the whole situation.

Cheryl said...

Kami, sorry this happened!!! I would be freaking out too. But your boys I'm sure feel terrible and they are such great kids...
Here's to fixing that TV and if not, finding a crazy ripper deal on a new one!

Jen Wilson said...

Oh my WORD. I would be furious!!! I can't believe you stayed so calm! I mean, obviously they didn't mean to do it, but I have a temper, haha!

What was Jay's reaction?

Angella said...

Oh NO. Your boys are so great and sweet and HONEST but, man. It's still a hit to take.

You're a good Momma for keeping it cool. :)

R Royal Family said...

Youch! I admire you for staying calm. Cat say i would have been able to do that, I am sure they felt awful and even worse when they had to go to cosco lol Hey at least it wasn't the wii remote that did it ;-)

check with your credit card they cover accidents on recent ourchases

Elaine A. said...

You didn't yell?! That's it, I'm nominating you for Mother of the Millennium. ;)

Sorry, that sucks. I know it was just an accident, but still. Boo...

Stacie's Madness said...

ut oh. :(

Misty said...

Holy shit.....

Anonymous said...

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