Saturday, March 24, 2012

Because I Doubt the Grandparents Check FB

As always, on my last post I received sweet, supportive comments. Thank you, you are a big part of why I will continue to use this space. It is nice to know that no matter how little I put into this, there will still be people interested in reading.

Now on to my much neglected camera. I haven't been spending much time with it lately and I have missed it. I did take some pictures of my neice doing gymnastics. But, for obvious reasons, those will not show up online on my watch. She was so fun to work with - holding your entire body weight up on your hands is hard work while waiting for Kami to get organized...

So yesterday I invaded the boys space while they played their DS's or as I like to refer to them, the crack cocaine for the under 14 crowd. We limit their time on there because seriously, there is so much more to life that Super Mario Brothers and Pokemon. Though if you talked them you might wonder if they know that.

My biggest pet peeve is how much kids today seem to spend on electronics. I judge. I shouldn't but I do. I get judged too so it's all fair, right?

DS Dude

I am going to sound so old now but when we were kids, we were outside. You remember that? Like the opposite of inside. Where there grass and trees and FRESH air are? Yeah. My kids, it's like pulling teeth to make them go outside. Actually, to be more specific, it's one of my boys that refuses to play outside.

"There's nothing to do."

Uh huh.


I show you what you can do, little darling. (That right there, one of my applications for Mother of the Year. I have many.)

Hazel eyes

So I limit their screen time. And the rest of the time, they play with their action figures in the living room. I love this but be darned if they aren't re-enacting the very video games they are not allowed to play to their heart's content.

Green eyes

You win some, you lose some.


Elaine A. said...

Oh man, they've gotten big!

And I hear you on the screen time. We have to limit it around here too.

It's a gorgeous day today so I "drug" the kids outside for a big but now it's nap and rest time...

Great photos! :D

Karen MEG said...

We have several sources of evil in this household and I must admit, hubs and I were the ones silly enough to allow them in the house and now we don't have the energy to limit the hours. We let the boy play several hours ( yes hours) today on his Xbox live as he's chatting with his pal Ben in Switzerland while they play -yeah that's cool-but finally I got him off and wouldn't you know it - he loads up his laptop! So I say"hey-I just got you away from the screen -what are you doing? And he responds " I'm skyping with Ben!
Glad that you're still posting when you can -I love to check in on you and your boys - and they AREgetting so big! You're so great with the camera!

Angella said...

We have to limit the kids' screen time, too, or they'd play ALL DAY. Thankfully, they also like to be outside, so it's not TOO much torture.

Great photos. When did they turn fifteen? ;)

han.rob said...

A common problem for lots of kids, I bet. Especially with all the devices out there these days. I count myself pretty lucky that my boys get bored with video games and movies after a while, and usually end up outside kicking a ball. Mind you, they don't have a lot of options: the kids only have a second-hand PS2. We don't have a Wii, iPads or iPhones, and we only have one computer which I am usually using for work. I'm sure if they had more options, they would probably want more screen time! ;-)