Friday, April 20, 2012

Fair is Fair

While I was trying on clothes while shopping in Bismark, ND with a friend this past weekend (such a fun weekend with an amazing friend) a comment was made by one of the store clerks. I was showing my friend a top and the lady commented that it looked nice. Then she went on to clarify that it looked really good on me and something to the effect that it wasn't fair. Let's just say the lady was no size 10 and leave it at that, shall we?

I actually didn't think to much about it at the time but at 5 am this morning when I awoke for no good reason (other know) I remembered the comment and lo and behold the elusive blog post was born.

*insert trumpets here*

Incidentally enough, when I logged in today, I noticed two things. Blogger looks completely different and my last post was almost a month ago...but I digress.
It got me thinking about how much luck was involved in this whole scenario.

(And then I went looking for a photo of me from a few years ago and got sidetracked looking at the photos from my half marathon in Sept. Mental note: those shorts are not the most flattering and two words: "sports bra".)

Here's me in 2004.  Yes, Kamden was about 3 months old, but truthfully, I did not shed the double chin I am sporting here until he was 3 years old.

2004 - Large and in Charge

How much of that process was luck, really?

Was it luck that made me make a change because I was unhappy?

Was it luck that made me change what and how much I ate?

Was it luck that started pushing me physically harder than I have ever pushed myself in my life?

News flash:  Changing habits is hard and it was no easier for me than anyone else.  I chose to make the changes and because I worked hard, I reaped the rewards.

I used to look at fit people and be green with envy.  Then I got serious about my own habits and health and now I look at people both fit and on their journey to fit and am incredibly inspired.

The Dudes

It's a choice.  The only luck involved is that I was and continue to be able and healthy enough to do so.


Ashley said...

I get SO annoyed by things like that. I wasn't a small kid, I was never skinny and I have spent more of my life in the unhealthy/overweight category. Then I woke up, changed my life, and that of my family, I work out 6 to 7 days a week at intense efforts and all of sudden people have the right to assume I was always fit. They think they have the right to assume it's "easy" for me and I put no effort in. The only thing easy is making the choice to do it all again the next day because I refuse to go back to the old me. The rest is sacrifice, hard work and a whole heck of a lot of sweat.

You look great, YOU are inspirational and it's not luck, it's excellent hard work!

Hannah Blair said...

Yes, excellent post. I have been overweight and worked very hard to lose almost 15 kilos (granted, I have put half of that back on now, but I am in the process of losing it again. FOR GOOD). The thing is, some people who are overweight seem to think that thin/fit/normal weight people are lucky, and don't realise that most of them are only that way because they work at it on a CONSTANT basis. Not just once, to lose weight, but every single day. Not really luck! I can see why you were a bit ticked at the comment, but I guess you just have to chalk it up to ignorance on her part. You look amazing and you always inspire me!

Angella said...

I get those comments too, and can echo most of what Ashley and Hannah said.

You work so hard at being healthy and fit and it SHOWS.

nicole said...

It sounds like that person shouldn't be working in retail!

I would have felt the same way I'm sure if I had heard a similar comment and had the history you have. I'm lucky enough (yes lucky) that I have always been slim, but now I do have to work to stay toned and look the way I want to look, but not as hard as some. And I do choose to make time for exercise and sometimes make better food choices and so on. It is easier for me than it is for some--I get to go the gym at 9 in the morning if I want, thanks to childcare there and not having a job outside the home.

Good for you for taking control and making the changes you've made. I am always inspired by those who have to work harder than me to achieve great things.

Elaine A. said...

Yeah, I don't think "Luck" is really a factor at all. I know how hard you've worked!

In some cases though I would change "luck" to DNA. ;P

p.s. the look on baby Kamden's face in that first photo is cracking me UP!