Monday, April 16, 2007

Because I can

This is another meme going around blogland. Angella was asked 5 questions by a fellow blogger and then posted her answers on her site. She then asked anyone who wanted to be interviewed to leave her a comment to that effect. Of course I said, Pick me, Pick me. I am always up for some ideas for posts! Here are her questions and my answers below:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world (other than where you are), where would it be?

Hmm, that’s a tough one because I really like where we live. We are close to our families and we have great friends right here which are really the most important things. But the weather, oh the weather…. I don’t like to complain, but I DO complain a lot about the weather. It would be nice to live somewhere that was warm all year round but since there is no place like that in Canada, it ain’t happening my friends.

I AM CANADIAN and don’t want to live anywhere but here.

That being said if everyone I loved moved to say, California, I would twist Jay’s arm and we’d so be there.

‘Course the idea of earthquakes and hurricanes do terrify me so maybe not. But if those were gone, then you betcha baby.

See how it’s not gonna happen?


2. What do you do when nobody's looking?

Oh my, do you really want to know? That might be too much information (TMI).

It’s quite scandalous really. I don’t know if I can say.

No, I really can’t. My parents and in-laws read this.

Next question.

3. If you could go back in time, would you change anything you've done?

Hmm, that’s a great question. The short answer is no. I am exactly where I always dreamed of being, happily married with kids that amaze me daily. In fact, I don’t think it was even this good in my dreams. I also have a career that I love, well I love to help people who are entering my career anyway. For me the career itself wasn’t overly enjoyable, although it took leaving it entirely to realize that. I don’t see myself ever going back to a real job. See #4 below.

However, my mouth often says things before my mind realizes that I should keep it shut. So, there are many, many, many times I would like to go back and change what I said or in fact, not say anything at all.

But for the big decisions, I don’t regret any one of them. Ever.

Well maybe one. The time I went swimming at night in my skivvies at Madge with Rena and Park Rangers came to make sure we were okay. That I might change, well at least the Park Ranger part anyway. It was fun though and one of the few crazy things I’ve ever done.

4. What would your dream job be (other than being a mom? Or working for

Probably a professional taste tester, I mean who wouldn’t want to get paid to eat?

Or maybe a professional shopper. I have no will power when I get into a mall so I could be paid to shop for others. How fun would that be? Of course I would have to control my urge to not try on that cute top or groovy pair of pants for myself now wouldn’t I? Probably couldn’t do it so maybe that’s not it either.

But seriously lately I have been toying with the idea of doing volunteer work in a third world country. I want to do something meaningful to contribute to our world and I don’t think helping people become accountants, while enjoyable and worthwhile, is exactly what I have in mind. I do think that I will never go back to a real job, but rather just increase the contract work I do as the boys get older. And once they are older, I would like to do something a bit more meaningful. We recently sponsored a child in Ecuador. Her name is Emely and she is just over a year old. Her mother and I have just started corresponding and I can’t believe how much fun it is. I want to know everything about them and somehow, even though I don’t know much more than their names and ages, I feel some sort of connection to them. I can imagine traveling there someday and meeting them all, even though the thought of going to such a foreign place scares the H – E - double hockey sticks out of me.

So if I could do anything, that would be it. Something to help others whether here or far, far away. The world is full of injustice and crappy stuff, I’d like to be someone who adds a bit of the good stuff.

5. Assuming calories don't count, what is your favourite - a salty or sweet treat?

Oh boy, I don’t think I could pick. Chips=Yum and we all know about my chocolate addiction. I crave both at different times or sometimes at the same time. Ever had a pretzel dipped in chocolate? It’s pretty good, especially to munch on as you construct gingerbread at the annual Mills (Cathy) gingerbread festival. If I don’t leave feeling sick from all the icing, it hasn’t been a success.

And in case you are wondering, yes, I do think a heart attack is a real possibility given my love of all things bad for me. I don’t smoke or drink, much, no really, I only had 2 on Saturday, oh and a nice purple frothy drink at supper the night before… but before that, um, well then I had some drinks at Easter at Jay’s sister’s annual Thursday before Good Friday party(Hi Michelle – great party by the way!) … Okay, maybe I need to stop denying my drinking problem ;-)

And calories SO don’t count when it comes to sweet and salty treats. Who said they did? I’m gonna have to kick their hiney.

Ps this is what I do when no one’s looking, eat junk food…. Told you it was scandalous :-)

Given my large loyal readership, I am going to go out on a limb and expect few requests for interviews. However, I will not welch on the rules, being the rule follower that I am, so here they are :
1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


Angella said...

Great answers!! I hear ya on the BOTH salty and sweet :)

candace said...

I am up for being interviewed.

Anonymous said...

None of your answers come as a shock. I guess I know you better then I thought.