Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This and That

Okay, so I made the promise that we would eat vegetarian for a few nights a week (see sidebar). Today was a veggie day, I have been doing every other day for about a week now.

Well today, I ran out of ideas. My whole method of meal planning resolves around meat. As in we'll have chicken and rice or ribs and potatoes, or sweet and sour spare ribs (one of my favourite suppers as a kid), spaghetti and meat balls... You see my problem? I can't very well go and change that to chicken and squash or ribs and zucchini. The kids wouldn't be fooled for a nanosecond nor would they touch either squash or zucchini with a ten foot pole. And don't suggest spaghetti squash, I’ve made it, it’s nothing at all like spaghetti and all together exactly like squash.

So today, we had hot dogs. I am really stretching the rules here because we all know that hot dogs are not real meat. I am borrowing tomorrow’s meat for today. I know this will catch up with me but hey, I was out of ideas!

They were really good and so was the yummy potato salad that accompanied them.

So, I guess my point is that going green is a journey and not a destination. When I read about what other people are doing I am embarrassed at how little we do. And then when I look around our neighborhood on garbage day, I feel a bit better. Cardboard people? IT DOESN’T GO IN THE TRASH! And the 6 bags of garbage you have a week….. yeesh! Ever heard of recycling?

Okay, sorry, I’ll stop. Regardless this going green thing hurts. Let’s face it. The reason we are in this mess to begin with is that people are two things:

lazy and greedy.

And I am including myself in the definition of people. I could argue that all the modern conveniences we have were created in response to either of those characteristics.

Disposable anything…. Lazy. Who wants to wash things and reuse them? So passé people. And the people who make them, well, they saw an opportunity to make some green stuff and I don’t mean grass… greedy.

Okay so maybe I am being cynical but some days it gets to me. We are trying really hard and are making gradual changes. It’s really all we can do. Preaching will do no good although maybe that’s exactly what I am doing here but no one has to read this. It’s a choice.

Anywho, enough with that topic. Next on the list. My back that seems to belong to an 85 year old woman with osteoporosis. I mean really, why do you have to scream at me with pain first thing in the morning and all the day through. I exercise. I even took up Pilates. What more do you want???

But on a good note, we spent the entire afternoon at the park playing. It was wonderful and I think I may have sunburned my arms slightly. Oops. The sunscreen doesn’t just go the kids! But that means that it was sunny. AND hot.



Angella said...

Hey - it's all a gradual process :)

Yay for sun!!!

Anonymous said...

The problem is calling it "going Green". Green is not a colour associtated with success. All you have to do is look at the Riders to know that. They should call it going Blue or some other more creative colour that is in today. Not many want to be assoicated with the colour of a frog.

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