Monday, April 02, 2007

I Scream, You Scream

Last week we received the latest Airmiles catalogue and I was browsing through it, like I always do. Low and behold, I find a soft ice cream maker.

"We are so getting that!" I said to myself. You see Jay loves very few things passionately, especially food wise, but soft ice cream, he LOVES.

Now, if you know me, when I want something, I want it NOW! Not next week, not tomorrow, not in an hour... NOW. As in if you had the proper forsight, you would have already gotten it for me. Or in this case, for Jay.


I am really patient you see, always have been, just ask my parents. ;-)

So, I hit London Drugs Friday afternoon and picked one up. Forget about the piles of Airmiles we have accumulated, not waiting for it to be shipped from there.... Forgetta about it.

So Friday night after supper, we prepared to make our own dessert. From scratch. Here we are... go figure the boys were all about making their own ice cream!

Uh yeah, remember what I said about patience? Well, the directions said that the mixing bowl had to be in the freezer for a minimum of 12 hours for the ice cream to work. Remember also that I bought the machine Friday afternoon and this is Friday after supper. And if you know us, we eat early. As in before 5 some days actually make that most days.....
It didn't work. No ice cream for us. Just screaming.

Back into the freezer she went - the bowl, not me - and we tried again the next night.

It takes at least a half hour to make the cream into ice cream. Again with the lack of patience. The boys, well, they be my kids so.....

They got bored of waiting and started Wrestlemania VI in the kitchen.

But alas, the machine, it does work if given enough freezer time and mixing time and this is the end result:

Now, you may be thinking, Kami, what about your Mother Earth characteristics? How does this not fit into the "excess" category? Well, it kind of doesn't but maybe it does if you look at it this way. We won't buy ice cream now - no really we won't - we have a bread machine and we practically never buy bread now. So there will be no ice cream container waste and we'll control what goes in. Have you looked at the ingredient list on a tub of ice cream? I don't even know what half of that crap is!

Ours will have milk, cream and sugar plus whatever delightful flavouring we decide to add. We made vanilla first, next is chocolate, of course!

Oh the possibilities!


Anonymous said...

Got to like technology. Always interesting to see what will come thru our door next.

No dull moments at the K & J Casa.


Anonymous said...

Wrestlemania 23 was last weekend so they past 6 a while ago.


Angella said...

I saw the ice cream maker in the catalogue! I want one, but even more so now that I see the result of yummy soft serve!

candace said...

Looks Yummy! I will look forward to an Ice Cream Play date ;-)