Sunday, April 15, 2007

How I spent my Saturday afternoon

The boys spent the afternoon in the mud. Notice the severe lean of our deck stairs? They need to be fixed before they end up in China so Jay and the boys were digging underneath the supports to prepare for the raising of the stairs.

As you can see, there wasn't much room for me. What's a girl to do but get one of these:

And spend the afternoon like this:

I enjoyed my first weekend since October with no work to do. I love my work but it was so nice to spend the day with my boys again, all three of them.

And we made chocolate ice cream for dessert. What more could a girl ask for?


Angella said...

You deserve it!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely do not want to many cooks spoiling the broth. I think you took the right approach.

Cool new look.


candace said...

If I knew you were not doing anything I would have had you some over and help stain my deck. Afterall I do know how good you are with a paint brush ;-) But for now I will live vicariously through you