Friday, January 18, 2008

Blogging to Real

Today, Anna and I took the plunge. We connected way back in October through this here blogging gig when I was in my boot fetish stage. We very quickly figured out we lived in the same city but until now, I had been nervous to suggest meeting.

What if she thinks I am an idiot?
What if I say something dumb?
I almost always do so that one is huge risk!
What if we don't click in real life?
Or worse, what if she doesn't even want to meet me at ALL?

This week she was going solo as her hubby was out of town. I thought it would be a good week to jump in with both feet so we made the plan to meet this afternoon to enjoy a Starbucks together. We both have a Starbucks addiction and I was pretty sure that after a week of flying solo, she would need a LARGE cup ‘o Starbucks. Or a Tall or whatever the fancy name they have for them is….Oh and what exactly is a barista anyway?

I digress.

Kamden and I headed over early as we needed to stop at a couple of stores first. We were looking for a winter jacket and ski pants for Jack but apparently the middle of winter is not a good time to shop for these items. We'll try back in July, we should have more luck. Consequently we arrived a few minutes early.

Naturally Kamden was hungry, it was an hour after lunch after all, so I splurged on a $3 cookie for him. He picked the one with the M&M’s in it. Shocking, I know.

Yeah, so it turns out you can’t judge a cookie by it’s M&M’s because he didn’t like the cookie and ended up only picking off the 4 M&M’s and eating those. $3 for 4 M&M’s, what a deal huh!

And then I picked myself up off the floor because, the kid? He’s never met a cookie he didn’t like, trust me!

Then I looked up and saw this cute little face in the line up.

Then the double stroller pushed forward and there she was!

We spent the next hour and half gabbing away while the munchkins played with Thomas in between asking us to read almost every book in the store! What is it with these kids anyway? Wanting to read books. I mean REALLY! How can we talk when we're reading, don't they understand. Oh right, so it's not really all about me. Still working on that one.

Of course we had to the do obligatory self portrait that all women bloggers are famous for. She had to take it though on account my inability to take a decent picture by myself! Thanks Anna, you did a great job.
Kamden did not want to be in the picture... so I took one of him anyway.... I'm a nice Mommy that way.

I had a great time, the time flew by and we didn't talk about half the things I had planned. And also, we are the same height. It's a rare occurrence for me to not be shorter than every other person on the planet! Power to those below 5' 4"!

I can't wait for the next visit. Next week work for you Anna?


Angella said...


I have just gotten to know her online recently, and she seems neat!

Maybe I'll need to trek to Regina to see you and meet her.

But not in the winter ;)

teeni said...

Okay, Kami - I think we are tied now. I've met two bloggers in real life and so have you, right? LOL. You both look adorable in the picture! So glad you had fun. Too bad about that cookie. I don't know - they make them so big so that they can charge an arm and a leg for them and then you find out the kids don't even like them. Yikes.

Hannah said...

You guys are so cute in that photo!! I have only recently found Anna's blog (after you told everybody how nice she was ... and you were right!) but I'm jealous that you got to meet her and jealous that she got to meet you!! I wanna meet you both!! One day ... maybe ... :-)

The Foulds said...

Right on, it's always fun to meet a blogging friend. :)

Maybe one day we'll meet...

oh and the pic of Kamden in the cookie is great!

LVGurl said...

I had a blind date with a blog friend a few months ago. It went really well, and now we're real friends! Only problem with our "date"... we met for lunch at a Mexican restaurant, where I was happily sipping on a margarita while I waited for her. I told her how good it was (may or may not have slurred a tad). She ordered a water. She's Mormon.

Hoping I can meet you too!!!! :)

familymclean said...

Oh my gosh! Great post Kami....I should just copy and past the whole thing, you are sooooo sweet!

I had a great time meeting you and Kamden and can hardly wait till out next meeting....busy tomorrow?

Just kidding, I can wait till next week.
We have so much to talk about still it gets all kerfuddled in my brain as I think of more and more to discuss, yay to coffee play dates!!

Now I am off to do my post and write all about you;)

KAYLEE said...


Kellan said...

Very cool meeting a fellow blogger!!!! I'd love to meet so many of my blogger friends (including you) - that is so neat! I loved the picture and ... I'm 5'3" - WOO HOO for us little girls. Have a great weekend Kami - see ya. Kellan

Karen MEG said...

It's so much fun making new friends, looks like you have a great connection with Anna. It's a neat, fluttering, nervous type of feeling of anticipation before you meet someone new, glad you could have that meeting, and with the kids to boot! (sorry, I know about your boot fetish, couldn't resist).
Happy weekend!

R Family of 4 said...

I am glad you guys had a great time. I have never known Kamden to turn down food..........and a cookie of all things. I think I would have been picking myself off of the floor right along with you

Alex Elliot said...

That sounds like so much fun! I've had a couple blogger meets which I've really enjoyed. How tall are you?

Hannah said...

Check out my blog, because I have given you an "excellent" award!

Kellan said...

Hey Kami - thanks for coming by today - hope you are having a great weekend. See you tomorrow. Kellan

BeachMama said...

YAY!!! How wonderful that you two were able to hook up. I got the chance to meet Anna back in May last year when visiting my Sister. If we make it out again this year maybe we could have a meet up together with the three of us :).

And very nice photo of you two.

Stacie said...

awe, how sweet!

I am afraid to meet in real life too (not that anyone is asking me to)...but what if I am not what they expected me to be? What if they find out that I really do ramble just like my blog? What if they don't like to HEAR the rambling NEARLY as much as they like READ (or skim, really because yeah) the rambling?

Yikes, I feel a panic attack and I am NOT EVEN MEETING SOMEONE. *deep breath*

so glad you had a good time, it is a great picture you HOTTIES!