Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Don't call me Ma'am!

Explain to me please how an airline can just change the time of a flight? Be it a small Caribbean airline or not. People have connections, they are traveling, they have a plan. Most importantly, they are Type A accountants.

Don’t mess with me like this. Because that half hour means that we can’t make our connection. What with collecting our luggage and going through customs?

Oh and when I call to discuss this with you, don’t suggest that I change my other flights or the day that I am traveling.

Seriously. And she went to her supervisor for a 10 minute discussion and that’s what she came back with.

Right. I’ll get right on that because of course, your time change is TOTALLY THEIR PROBLEM!

Uh huh.

Not an option. Here’s what I propose.

Perhaps you give me a refund since you don’t offer a later flight that day. But we have a round trip booked…. I know, silly me, we don’t want to permanently stay in this Caribbean country, what kind of fool am I?

Oh, was her response, then you will have to wait until after your travel is complete to request a refund.

Pardon me?

Twice I asked, you mean that I cannot get a refund now but have to wait until we get home.

Yes, ma’am, that is our policy. We do it every day.

Really? Can I give you some free business advice? No? Well I am gonna anyway…

How about you refund it to me now and cancel our seats so that, oh I don’t know, you could sell them to someone else!

Maybe this is a Canadian way of doing business. I know it sounds crazy but maybe you should give it a try and then I won’t be P.O.ed because I now have two flights booked on the same day to the same place for the same four people. (by some crazy twist of luck, there is actually another airline that we can fly)

Guess what? Today Jay called back because I was SO done dealing with this and low and behold, we are getting a refund now.

Apparently they liked my advice. Or wait, maybe there is another theory. Maybe that lady I talked to yesterday was dipping into the rum. It was 11 am after all.


Hannah said...

Ugh! What drama! The whole thing sounds entirely unreasonable to me. I mean, it's great that you are now getting a refund, but as for her initial suggestions to YOU ... WTH??? Kinda twisted, if you ask me!

The Foulds said...

What a pain in the back side!!

At least in the end it will all be worth it! :)

Angella said...

I just might have THROWN SOMETHING.

Not that I ever lose my temper.


Glad it worked out in the end :)

Stacie said...

ugh, what idiots.

When do you leave????

Karen MEG said...

I find customer service is an oxymoron these days. How annoying that in the end after all that stupidity they ended up doing what you suggested in the first place. Made too much sense, I guess.
On another note, did I read Caribbean?!! So, I'm new to your blog, and BTW, am sooooo jealous now. Good for you!

BeachMama said...

Our Canadian airlines need to learn a little from our American cousins. They have so many people flying every day and yet they give refunds or put you on another flight, with another airline if they have to, or give you some credits to fly again. Hmmm...imagine.

girlymom said...

Guess they never heard of... The Customer is ALWAYS right!! Glad you got the refund beforehand and it sounds like it's for the best anyways, who wants to fly with a company that employs airheads?

Ashley said...

Kami, you are too funny! Sounds pretty typical from my experience. My husband wound up stuck away from home for an extra 3 days due to the "brains" at the airline company.

Glad it's all fixed, now you can just relax and enjoy the sun!

familymclean said...

Oh Kami! You relay it in such a way it makes me laugh, but I know I shouldn't!

Poor you and way to go Jay!

Kellan said...

Oh, this would have made me crazy and I would have leaned out my window as far as I could and screamed, "GIVE ME THE REFUND! GO ON - GO GET IT AND GIVE.IT.TO.ME.NOW!!!!!" Maybe you should have gone that route - maybe not! (tee hee - I'm so funny)

Sorry you had such a difficult time - that sucks, but glad hubby got it straightened out! See ya. Kellan

Jen said...

It seems to be getting worse lately too, even with large airlines. Do they not realize we have connecting flights we need to reach? Aurgh!

Kellan said...

Hi Kami - good to see you today. Hope you had a good Thursday. See you tomorrow. Kellan